terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

It’s (Almost) Easter Break!

Hey, everyone!

Only two more tests and I’m FREE! I just can’t wait to be done with all these tests. I generally like doing tests (such a nerd…), but Easter Break is just around the corner and I feel like resting and being a bit unproductive for a change :)

Last weekend was pretty fun. Like I told you guys on my last post, I went to the “PUC por um dia'” event on Friday, which was really fun. I went to 5 (!) different lectures:

10-11am : Writers Degree

11:30-12:30am : Journalism

1pm : French Culture

3pm : Letters Degree

4pm : Translation

Lines were incredibly long, I spent the whole day stading on my feet, I barely had a break – I had less then 15 minutes to eat lunch, since I had to run across the campus to find the location of the “Letters Degree” lecture – and by 5:15pm I was about to pass out, I was SO exhausted!

But (thankfully) it was all worth it. The lectures were pretty amazing (except for the Journalism one… there were too many people there and the lecturer, who was supposed to explain at least a little bit about the Journalism course, spend almost 40 minutes showing us their website. How useless is that?! We’re from the internet generation, ‘fella! We could’ve seen your website by ourselves, at home), I met some cool girls and boys from schools all over Rio, and I really enjoyed myself. I guess I could say “PUC por um dia” was a sucess :)

Although, I couldn’t really make up my mind. I’m freaking out because I don’t know whether to choose Letters or Journalism. Journalism or Letters. S.O.S, people! I need HELP!

I mean… not really. Don’t worry, I’m not so desesperate as I sound :)

But I’m really indecisive about this. Luckily, I have at least one and a half years to decide… thank God. Hahaha.

Anyway. Moving on to Saturday…


I dressed up as Tinkerbell… How original am I? Hahaha.


We all had a blast. My favorite costume was definitely my “white-haired” friend’s – he dressed up as Albert Einstein!


Gotta love making fun faces :)

I’ll leave the deets for a future post… Let’s move on the the eats!












Gotta go back to chemistry and literature…

See you guys as soon as I get back from my Easter Break trip!




2 comentários:

  1. Have fun...and, don't ever throw that costume away, or if you want to please send it to me!

  2. You have been busy! I feel the same a lot of times, so confused as to what I want to do for a career :/ But we have to trust it will all work out!