terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

The Sugar-Coated Question

Hey, people!

I should be studying literature and sociology now, but since I’m practically done with the writing-and-memorizing part, I guess should take this opportunity without complaint ;)

Wow. Only… wow.

It’s amazing how much things can change within a few days.

Since I last posted, things have been much easier. Thanks to all the motivating comments you guys left me and my Mom and family’s support, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and realized I should’t be scared to put on some weight. Isn’t it exactly what I’m needing right now? I mean… it makes no sense at all to be afraid to be healthy and happy.

And, about the therapist debate… I wanted to thank you all so much for sharing your opinion. I was able to hear different points of view around the subject, which made my decision much easier.

I just got back from a session with Clara. We talked and talked… And then we decided that our weekly sessions will be over from now on. We’ll see each other every 15 days or so, though. She said she was against me stopping now – she basically said that, even though I might be getting better recovery-wise, I should not think that’s the only reason why I should have a therapist.

But I’m not sure I’ll keep seeing her for much longer. It’s been a while, and I’m still not a fan of therapy. At all.

Oh, well… Only time will tell.

Moving on to the subject I wanted to discuss in this post – candy.

It’s been YEARS since I last chewed gum/ate candy. I mean, really – I don’t even remember how’s it like. The last time I chewed gum I was probably… what, 11 years old? I’m 15, going on 16 now.

I stopped eating any kind of gum and only-sugar candies because of ED. What’s weird though, is that even at my heaviest weight (60kg in January 09) I would not eat ANY candy. The idea of candy and gum = artificial and unhealthy stuck with me… until nowadays.

My Aunt just got back from Disneyland in Orlando. She spent almost 2 weeks there with my 4-year-old cousin and her husband. They had a BLAST, obviously! My point is: she brought small gifts for all her nephews and nieces (I know, YAY!). I won an iPod cover, an Aéropostale t-shirt, a jar of Skippy PB and lots of CANDY.

I mean Kit-Kats, Skittles, Nerds, Stabursts… All of them.




The whole package… my t-shirt’s the only thing missing!

My question is…

Should I try them?

Should I give them away?

Is it worth it?

What do you think about candy/chocolate/artificial treats? Are you for it or against it?

I’d love to hear what you guys really think about the subject :)

Comment away!

See you soon!



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  1. Love, eat the candy :) Seriously. At this point you really, really, really don't need to be worrying about sugar, artifical flavors or anything else. Just eat what tastes good. Don't read the blogworld debates about natural sugar vs. HFCS or whatever. You need to get over your fear of foods in general before you can start to think about their nutritional benefits. Remember...there are no good and bad foods. Everything is a part of the bigger picture. Now go enjoy some of that candy girl...Nerds have always been a favorite of mine!

  2. Eat them! Or at the very least, eat the Kit Kats :)

  3. Hey Gabriela,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! I'm so glad to have found yours.

    Candy is a fear of mine too...but I would say do it! You could make a goal of having 1 piece per day even to start slow. Recovery should be about overcoming oour food fears so that we can live life without having to avoid certain foods altogether. Take this as your chance to incorporate a little treat back into your diet...you deserve a treat! : )
    Keep it up girl!


  4. Sup G? :)
    im so happy to hear things have turned awaound for u and have gotten easier :)
    ive never ever, even as a child like candy candy-i.e-sweets, but i do love chocolate and chips etc..(in ireland we dnt use the word candy, we use sweets and sweets are just things like nerds, skittles, liquorice whips and ll that kind of stuff)

    it would be no harm to try them at least, but deffo have the kitkats!!yum!!

  5. This is so hard because overall we know that candy isn't good for us. But for you, its more about that-- it has to do with being in control and afraid of losing that control. (I think.) I would say try some-- candy is so delicious and doesn't have to be taken away completely. For you, it's like exposure therapy-- meaning, the more your exposed to it (in your case, the candy) the less anxiety you will have around eating it.

    Do you want the candy? Not should you or shouldn't you. Do you really want the candy? If so, you should. What's life if you can't enjoy the occasional kitkat. And let me tell you, Skittles......... to die for.

  6. Mmm . . . Kitkats are so good! Definitely eat the candy. It's okay to eat that stuff as long as there is a balance and it is in moderation. It's the same as everything else. And they are so tasty!

  7. Eat them girlie!! If you want to that is? If you fancy a little chocolate or candy, I always believe you should have it. There's no harm in treats!!! 'Everything in moderation'...kitkats are so so good!

    Glad you are well!


  8. Hi girl-thank you so much for ur comment on my latest post-I appreciate it very much :) I think u should definitely treat yourself to some candy!! I eat so much candy, honestly, every day! Of course, everything in moderation, but it certainly won't hurt u!!

    Have a lovely day hun
    xoxo Mel

  9. Girl, you don't even need our opinions on this!! No sane person will think twice before ripping open those lovely candies! And I disagree with the point that it's totally unhealthy. It's calories. We need calories. A lot. So it IS healthy. To a point, in moderation.

  10. I am so glad you are doing better :) you deserve nothing less!

    And about the candy, YES you should try it! Nothing is unhealthy, remember that k? So try it, and enjoy it :)


  11. I have to agree with everybody. Why not enjoy the goodies? Nerds and Skittles are my favorites! To super feliz que voce esta melhor, Gabriela! Um grande abraco!

  12. eat candy... it is a must. It is october halloween and you only live once

  13. You absolutely should eat the candy! I used to eat a Snickers and drink a Dr. Pepper every single day when I was your age. Without a second though. That's what teenagers do!

  14. Candy is something I debate eating as someone who is trying to fuel their body for performance (exercise) and do so mindfully. I know candy doesn't have much value nutritionally, so I try not to eat too much of it, but in the long run a package of Skittles isn't going to make a difference.
    If you would enjoy the candy, then I think you should eat it, and not think twice about it :)

  15. Hey! I just found your blog and I love your posts and insight on recovery! I am struggling with an ED and I love reading blogs that encourage me to keep fighting!!!

    In regards to candy, I know it will be really tought but you should have it! So many people survive eating it each and every day! I struggle with this issue too sometimes, but I am attempting on working on it. I really think that you should treat yourself and allow yourself to enjoy all of those sweet goodies that you received! You deserve it :)

  16. I had some recesses chocolate peanut butter cups yesterday! first time in YEARS AND NO GUILT!!!!! wow.. eat the candy hhahah

    Dana xo

  17. I still have issues with eating candy, so I know what you mean...but I have no problem with gum :) I can't give up the artificial sugar- it's SO hard.
    But I think it's good to give yourself a piece of candy every now & then...you can even do what I do (& eventually I want to get out of this habit) but, I will take a 'fun size' pack of skittles (for example) & only eat half of it, and then save the rest for the next day..since it's hard for you to eat candy, maybe this way will help?

  18. I understand completely. I won't eat candy or things with nutritional values on the back. Things like brownies and cookies-if they don't have the values then for some reason I think it doesn't count.

  19. I think that if you eat them a little at a time it won't matter - but I probably would only eat the KitKats, I don't tend to think sweeties actually TASTE of anything...

  20. I have to say every single candy in that picture I love! Go ahead and eat it :)

  21. I say, try the candy. You can always spit it out if you don't like it.
    I enjoy candy and gum because it has a fun mouthfeel and I like the sugar every now and then. However if it's a trigger food for your ED symptoms, you should probably use your best judgement and consult your doctors.