quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

2nd Day Of Laziness

Hello, lovely people!

So… All schools were closed today (even though the sun appeared at some point)!

Which, as you may have guessed, gave me a 2nd day of pure laziness.

Streets were completely covered in mud and water. The rain would go and come. Fortunately, I managed to squeeze a walk in my day :)

But let´s take one step at a time.

Yesterday´s afternoon/night was pretty low-key – we watched some movies, grabbed some popcorn, laughed a bit. It was cool :)


Lelê, grabbing some more snacks


Lelê and Nete, our housekeeper (who made her that bowl of popcorn)


Mom and Lelê, dancing around (she´s going to kill me for posting that)

As I said – pretty low-key ;)

Dinner was served around 7pm. I had to take a break from “Coco Avant Chanel”, the movie me and my Mom were watching, so we could all eat together. I wasn´t really hungry, but since everyone was there… I had to go with the flow.


Steamed cauliflower, beet slices, small piece of grilled chicken, tomato slices, baked sweet potato, chickpea salad (with grated carrots)

Today, I woke up by 9 am - a personal record. I kept breakfast simple:


1/2 container of plain non-fat yogurt with 3/4 of an apple

Lunch was much more exciting, though. I went to a Vegetarian restaurant for the first time!

I met my Mom and my Stepfather for lunch at around 1 pm. We were all starving by then. I ordered the “Summer-y Plate”.


Steamed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli and carrot), a “simple” salad (alfafa sprouts, lettuce, tomato and a yogurt sauce) and vegetarian bruschettas


With a side of Garlic Bean “soup”


And a fresh and unsweetened glass of orange juice

It was DIVINE. I left the restaurant happy and completely full.

I went for a walk with Mom after lunch. She had to run a few errands, I had nothing better to do… So I decided to help her. She definetely needed that help, since she´s pregnant ;)

We got back home around 4pm. I was so tired I decided to take a nap – epic fail!

I put my PJs on, turned off the lights… but I simply couldn´t fall asleep. Oh, well. This is me :P

I “woke up” (got up and gave up) by 6pm. A little while later, I discovered dinner was ready. Dinner…? Ahn?


Steamed cauliflower, chickpea salad, small baked sweet potato, tomato slices and a small piece of grilled chicken

I guess I was too sleepy to think about food ;)

Anyhow… I guess that´s all I have for now.

I´ll probably go to school tomorrow… I´ll let you guys know, anyway.

See y´all soon!



8 comentários:

  1. I just caught up with your last post - I've never seen so much rain! At least it looks like you guys are having a good time stuck inside :)

  2. Yay for no school!!!
    The vegetarian restaurant sounds cool too.. we don't have those!
    Have a great day tommorow! Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment, girl! I'm glad you had another lazy day! We all need those! Have a great night!

  4. Lazy days are good at times! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. just wondering..if you could have the same thing every day for breakfast/snack/lunch what would you have??

  6. Lazy days are good to have, once in a while, but I hate it when they're so lazy that they make you want to nap, while your body says "nuh-uh". Ridiculous.

  7. My napping has been a FAIL too latey. everytime i try, i just think of how much i have to do and i cant sleep! blahh

    love the dancing pictures!!
    that little one is adorable!


  8. Sounds like a great day! I'd love to have a lazy day to hang around and do nothing. I also really want to see the Coco movie!

    Your family is lovely, by the way :-)