terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Three-Day Week

Hello, guys!

I´m glad you all liked my Brigadeiro Tutorial :)

Oh, and by the way – Maggie was sweet enough to remember me something I should´ve told you after giving y´all the recipe:

Actually, in Brazil, brigadeiros are served in a small ball shape, a bit like Katie´s Fudge Babies. They´re normally covered with white sugar or sprinkles. They look AND taste amazing! Let me show you:


Ah, and did I tell you there are thousands of different kinds of brigadeiros? We have white chocolate ones, cashew nut ones… Basically anything you want ;)

(This photo was taken at my little sister´s 3rd birthday party. Cute!)

Anyhow. I´ll be short and sweet :)




~3 tbsp of cottage cheese with a sliced apple


Morning Snack


1/2 package of Oats N´Honey granola bar



Salad: lettuce, grated beets and carrots, sliced heart-of-palms, soy meat, ricotta cheese crumbles and mustard sauce



Turkey Breast Sandwich with White Cheese, grated carrots and beets on a Whole Wheat Bread


Fresh orange juice!


Diet Fro-Yo with pineapple chunks and blueberries

And, yes – I hung out with grandpa and my cousins yesterday. Btw – I tried grandpa´s melted banana sandwich (cheese+banana slices) and I completely LOVED IT :D




Cottage cheese in a container (1 tbsp left) with 1/2 sliced apple, plus the rest on the side ;)


Morning Snack


As usual.



In the mix: grated carrots, sliced heart-of-palms, turkey breast and white cheese “crumbles” and pineapple chunks, with mustard sauce.

(They were outta lettuce!)

I loved the pineapple addition, though. LOOOVE fresh pinepple!




Tomato slices, steamed spinach, baked sweet potato, 3 tbsp of beans, grated carrots, 1 hard-boiled egg and a slice of baked pumpkin

T´was good :)

Before I leave, I just wanted to share two things:

1- Tomorrow´s the beggining of my Easter Break! YAY! So, yeah. I´ll be travelling until Sunday. But I´ll keep taking my pics, and I see a giant recap in my future ;)

2- It´s so funny to hear what women think. Today, while I was showering (after working out), a woman started talking to me about the fact that she had forgotten her socks. We started chatting, and she began talking about her weight loss issues. She told me she had already eaten whole wheat bread at breakfast, brown rice at lunch and two soy biscuits (or something like that) at snack time, so she felt horrible and fat. Oh, and she told me the only thing that makes you fat is wheat, too. I mean… WTH? I don´t know why eating brown rice, whole wheat bread and soy biscuits on the same day is a bad thing. OMG… I was so lucky I was on my way, leaving ;)

Oh, well. One last thing: I´ll miss you guys! Thanks so much for the lovely comments – you rock!


Have a great week, and a terrific Easter Break/weekend!



8 comentários:

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, lovely girl! I'm also jealous of how much fruit you have in your diet! Looks amazing!

  2. You don't eat enough. You've got to be losing weight. Dont let your ED fool you into thinking you're recovering.

  3. P.S. I find it ridiculous that many of the commenters are fueling your ED, telling you you're doing a good job. This is ridiculous. I'm concerned about you.

  4. Mmmm I love fresh pineapple too!! So jealous you can enjoy it all year round!

    Gabriela, as for what the Anonymous commenter said, you know we've talked about this. You were doing SO GREAT before your trip!! Don't let yourself fall back into old habits just because you don't have a trip to work towards. YOUR HEALTH is the biggest reward you can possibly get!! You know I'm always here to talk if you need me :)

  5. I hope that you have a great Easter as well!

  6. Thank you for such a wonderful comment on my blog! I just started reading yours.. You are way too cute!
    I have never once heard of a banana and cheese sandwich.. but I am really intrigued now!

    Have an awesome trip :)

  7. have SO MUCH FUN ON YOUR TRIP! dont let ed come!!!