domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Smile More, Eat Less

Ok. Can we just talk about the title before getting into my weekend recap?

I was reading a gossip magazine at the beauty saloon today (**edited to add – it actually happend on Friday!), and I found an advertisement with this one simple sentence: “Smile More, Eat Less”.


I think it´s so wrong that advertisings like this get to be part of magazines. Ok, they were gossip ones, but stil… It´s just WRONG to tell someone to eat less and smile more! It´s such a STUPID and RIDICULOUS advice!

I´m sorry, guys. I think I´ve let it get to me too much… Oh, well.

How do you feel about this type of advertisment?

Let´s move on to happy things now…

I have a lot to say and a only a few minutes to spend(as usual)!

Friday was fun… I was so excited by the fact that I had a party to go to… :)



Recently-discovered love :)


1 sliced apple, 1 teaspoon of PB&Co´s Cinnamon Raisinn Swirl. YUM!

Morning Snack


Nature Valley´s Oats N´Honey granola bar.



1 big chunk of baked butternut squash, sliced carrot, sliced tomato, grilled chicken, mashed squash and sprinkled grated beets, PLUS…


2 tbsp of black beans.


I think I fell in love! Haha :)



2 slices of whole wheat with 2 tbsp of cottage cheese and an apple :)

After dinner, I went to the party –it was TONS of fun! I spent some time with friends I rarely see – unfortunately! Goofy-moment:



Gotta LOOVE these girls!

When I got back home, I was a little hungry – so I managed to have some papaya and melon slices… Fresh fruit, y´all!




I woke up by 10 am on Saturday… Which I regretted SO much, later on. I should´ve slept until noon! Haha ;)


Two words: terrific. combo.


~4 tbsp of cottage cheese, 1/2 cumbled granola bar…


And an apple.


Altogether, now. Can´t get any better :)


After breakfast, I spent the whole day studying Physics. I´m not even kidding – I only paused for lunch at around 4 pm. The rest of the afternoon was all about STUDIES! Argh…


1 baked sweet potato, steamed califlower, tomato slices, sprinkled carrots and beets, and a side of 3 tbsp of black beans. Never gets old!


Actually, I went to a party last night… It was my Aunt´s baby shower! The baby is due to May. I told her I think May 2th will be the big day… I just feel it ;)

They were making crêpes at the party! Obviously, I ended up trying one.


Heart-Of-Palms and Spinach crêpe with lettuce and (only a few, unfortunately) mini-tukey brest slices. Can you see the really small sprinkles…?

It was actually good! I know it´s the weirdest combo, but I swear it was really yummy :)

Night Snack

As I had eaten an early dinner, by 11 pm my stomach started to complain. So I cut some pineapple slices… Fresh n´Fabulous!


I know – my cutting skills are nonexistent. But the pineapple was totally worth it :D


Hum. Today was quite a day…

I woke up at around noon (I know – INCREDIBLE, right?), with my friend calling me on the phone. She needed some help with physics, so I quickly got up and started studying – for hours and hours! It was 2 pm before I knew it. And had completely forgotten about breakfast! This had never happend before!

This is weird. In a bad way :/

By 2:15 pm, Mom called – she said we would go out for lunch. I quickly took a shower and got dressed. When she arrived, though, Bruna asked out loud: “Did you have breakfast? ´Cause I didn´t see it.”

It was enough for my Mom to begin screaming at me. She said a million things… And made me feel like crap. I started crying so hard…

We fought and shouted at each other for a long time. It was awful. I hate discussing with Mom :(

But let´s cut to the good part. Eventually, we agreeded to stop. When we arrived at the mall, things were still a little weird between us – she wouldn´t talk to me. After a while, though…

She said she didn´t want me be sick. And that she wouldn´t pay me salads, sandwiches or veggie combos – I should eat “real food”. Oh, crap.

We ended up at a buffet-style restaurant, where you only pay for what you´re eating. Obviously, she made sure I would fill up my plate. It was SO much food…



Oh, yeah. Like I said – TONS of food.

In the “mix”:

-Steamed Cauliflower, Broccoli and Zucchini


-Cucumber and White Cheese Salad

-Heart-Of-Palms “Heart-y” Cupcake

-Red and Yellow Peppers

-1 (really tiny) slice of Grilled Salmon

-Salmon Lasagna


I gotta admit – it was good. But it was REALLY heavy! I almost could´ve lift up my tray…(ok, exaggerating a bit…But still)

With a Peach-Flavoured Iced Tea…



I´m glad I made up with Mom. She´s the best, and fighting with her is the worst thing in the world… I love her too much.

And then, last but not least…



I´ve had two whole wheat toasts.

Toast One: melted white cheese.

Toast Two: 1 tbsp of cottage cheese.


And a drizzle of dijon mustard added a little later – LOVE!

And, for dessert…


Three gorgeous slices of fresh pineapple.

I´m addicted :D

Anyhow – I need to get back to the grind! After lunch, we spent a few hours shopping… And Mom bought me the cutest pair of jeans :D

Physics time!



Hope y´all had an amazing weekend. And thanks for the latest comments, guys - you´re all too sweet!



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  1. You eat such interesting food! I love it!
    have a great night, girl!

  2. I love all your combos! You must try the sweet potato with pb. soo yummy!!

  3. love your foodie combos!! LOVE PB AND CO girl!! yay!! you are so adorable!

  4. Cute picture of you and your friends. I'm all about the cottage cheese on wheat bread. Makes me want some of that right now!

  5. BAHHHH. that ad is annoying! commercialization of guilt.

  6. Signs like that make me so mad! GRR. Glad you have a good attitude about it!

  7. it should be: eat more, smile more. because i love to eat :)

  8. Glad you had a good weekend! One of my favorite breakfast restaurants has something on the menu like that cottage cheese/nature valley mix - it's my FAVORITE. Good luck with all the studies!

  9. yea i dont think i like that advice! whos to say we would be smiling more if we ate LESS?? lol
    i would be smiling LESS if I ate LESS

    i dont like arguements with anyone either!! im glad you made up!