sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

I´m Alive!

Hello, lovely people!

Gosh, how I´ve missed y´all. You have no idea.

I´ve been studying non-stop this week. And the tests are STILL not over!

I have History test on Monday, Geography test on Tuesday and Literature test on Wednesday. Thank God for Easter break! Boo.

But, anyway. Let´s get back to where we started. When was it?

Monday. Wow.

Ok – moving on to Thursday! The day I was supposed to have a French test. More of that in a sec!



I remembered I still had this beauty from my trip. Awesome, huh?


By the way – HOLY YUM! This was Oh-So-Good.


I only had half of it – and saved the rest!


Two slices of pineapple, 1/2 Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar.

School break


No comments. Speaks for itself :)



In the mix: lettuce, heart-of-palms, olives, grated beets, turkey breast slices, soy meat and mustard sauce. As good as always :)



A baked sweet potato with a veggie burguer and steamed veggies

Now, more on Tuesday. I was actually supposed to have a French test that day, – thanks for the good luck wishes! – but something BETTER happend. You guys have no idea…

I don´t know if I told you guys about it, but on November 2009, I took a French Exam called DELF A2. They have 4 different degrees: A1, A2, B1 and B2. All my friends were warned that they passed, but me. So I thought I had failed…

So, when Monica (my French teacher) said we would be getting our DELF certificates, I got so nervous. I didn´t know what to do! All I wanted to do was hide. My heart skipped a beat, and…

I got 92/100. The highest grade on my level. OMG.

I was SO happy! I wanted to cry of hapiness! You guys have NO idea of how relieved I was. I called Mom while at school break to tell her the news, and she was so excited! This is the kind of diploma that lasts forever. I couldn´t help but DANCE!

Hahahahaha. It was amazing.

Then, after lunch, something else happend: we finally went to that public school I was talking to y´all about. The social project?

It was the most beautiful experience I´ve ever had. The kids told me they loved me, they hugged me and asked me when would I come back at the end. I was in tears!

They´re the sweetest. Of course, making them listen wasn´t the easiest thing, but they did cooperate. We introduced ourselves, heard a bit about each of them and started a citzenship activity – we want them to learn about the rights they have, like the right to life.

And I still found time to study Maths and go to the gym. I was at a thousand m.p.h.!


Wow – this is pretty big, already.

Here´s what I´m going to do: I´m gonna post the rest of my “week recap” later. Then, it won´t be too much. Ok?


See y´all soon with the recap and a few other news!



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  1. Congrats on the French certificate, that's absolutely amazing!! Such a smart girl!!

  2. yayyyyy! congrats on the french test! although i shouldnt be surprised youve already mastered one language, whats one more? lol

  3. Congrats on the awesome results to your French test :) Hard work always pays off ;) I bet it felt get to get that test handed back! Hope you have a good day girl! xoxo