segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

Don´t Get Me Wrong

Hey, there!

I´m so glad to hear everyone´s thoughts about the “Smile More, Eat Less” ad. So wrong, isn´t it? :P

But, anyway. I won´t talk about that for any longer – I just wanted to get it off my chest. And it worked! YAY! Thanks, guys :)

Today was… an interesting day.

I woke up this morning quickly – which was a good sign!

Breakfast was yet another combo - I´m a bit obsessed!

PB+Apple+Cottage Cheese


3 spoonfuls of cottage cheese, 1 mini-apple and 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon Rasin Swirl PB = YUMINESS!


Oh. So. Good.

Morning snack was the same – Oats N´Honey granola bar. Always a winner!


Today was Physics Test day!

And, fortunately, I think I´ve done a pretty good job. Hehe.

Let´s wait for the results, shall we?


Lunch was a bit different today!

Me and a couple of friends decided to have lunch on the mall. It was an amazing idea! We even got back by cab – which, splitted, came out for 50 cents per person (brazilian taxes inserted)! A great deal :D

I chose the cheap-yet-delicious grilled cheese!


White cheese sandwich on the (almost burned) whole wheat bread.

It was actually pretty darn good!


A couple of mustard “squeeze packs” were added a little later. YUM!


I almost finished the whole sandwich! But I felt so stuffed at the end, I decided to take one of the two chunks of white cheese out. Not a big deal – I ate the most of it!

School was the same – only we had Chemistry class today, which is always fun. Gotta love experiments!

By 5 pm or so, I left the school and went to my cousins house. We were already waiting for grandpa for a while when I decided to give him a call. He simply told me he wouldn´t be able to make it!


So I ended up wasting my lunch money to grab a cab for nothing at all. Grrr.

I quickly called Mom, and she told me to grab (another – the 3rd of the day!) cab back home. The final bill was around US$12. Not incredibly expensive, fortunately.

I was so TIRED when I got back home. Traffic was SO heavy – I spent almost more then an hour at the cab! The lights were starting to make me dizzy… And my head started to ache. Ew.

But I have to thank God I have a careful and amazing mother to pay me a cab on my way back home, and such a lovely and supportive family. I´m a lucky girl, really :)

The night was all about studies and blog-reading. Not a such bad deal, haha.

Dinner was eaten a little while ago -


A soy burguer patty (that tasted amazing, btw!), 2-halfs of baked sweet potato, carrot slices, steamed cauliflower, and…


The unreplaceable scoop of black beans (3 tbsp).

Altogether, now:


Gotta love homemade food. Jeez Louise!


Hum, time to get back to my studies. Next test up – FRENCH!

I´m thinking of you, Gabs ;)

Have a great Tuesday, bloggies!



11 comentários:

  1. Good luck on your French test!! I always feel sick riding in cabs, too :( They're so bumpy! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. A night of studying...sounds so familiar...:) Good luck with it all, girl! Also, I love your black beans! I couldn't help but tell you that!

  3. Yay for the Psychics test!!! That subject is HARD!!!
    Grilled cheese sammies are awesome! :)
    Have a great night my dear!

  4. Wow, a 50 cent cab ride? That's crazy! What's also crazy is you wrote Happy Tuesday and it's 10pm on Monday night here in NY. I always forget that bloggers are all over the world and we never really know when each other are posting!

    Good luck on the French test!

  5. If I had that peanut butter I'd be obsessed too! Love it!!

  6. I love the name of your blog -- in college, my friends and I had nightly froyo dates at the college cafeteria. I still call it that!

  7. Gah! That grilled cheese sandwich looks delicious; I missthem! Someday I've seriously got to have one again... life's too short to avoid good food, right?

  8. Hey! I'm sure you will do great on your test, good luck! xoxo

  9. yummy eats! grilled cheese are the best!

  10. ooo grilled cheese, havent had that in fo-eva!

    good luck with the school work!

  11. Looking good! Grilled cheese totally rules the world ;)