quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

And The Real Truth Is…

Hello, sweeties!

How was your Thursday?

Mine was great :)

I woke up slowly, but smily. You know, when you just wake up in a good mood?

Breakfast was tropical:


Melon slices and pineapple slices. 

You can´t get any better then this, haha :)

Then, snack at school break. The rest of my granola bar from yesterday…


Oat n´Honey granola bar.

Always a winner ;)

Then, when I got back home (homemade lunch, YAY!), I´ve had some more food:


One sliced baked sweet potato, steamed cauliflower, 1 turkey “meatball”, tomato slices, PLUS…


4 tbsp of beans. Y´all know me too well… ;)


Altogether, now… Beautiful.

Right after lunch, I started doing homework. I´ve succeded finishing my biology homework, which was definetely a good thing :D

Then, by 3pm, I was headed to the gym. It was an amazing workout! I did ~20 minutes on the treadmill, plus ~20 minutes on a “fitness bike” (how do I call those bikes?), and ~20 more minutes of strenght training. I have to admit that taking a shower right after it made it much more pleasing ;)

Here´s some proof (haha):


Anyhow. After sweating bullets on the gym (and taking a shower, obviously), I was headed to my grandfather´s office (the 62-year-old one). We met, and then we picked my cousins and went to the mall. It was so much fun! I bought two books:


“Ten Big Ones” and “The Brightest Star In The Sky”

I´m pretty excited to start them both! I loved their synopsis ;)

I´ve had a pretty early dinner – at around 7pm! So not me, haha.

I decided to try something new – and I didn´t regret it!


Soy burguer with coalho cheese (apparently, it´s called “curd cheese” for you americans) on a whole wheat bread.


I heart veggie burguers. T´was great ;)

And, for dessert… Any guesses?


Small Plain Fro-Yo with pineapple chunks

Plain Fro-Yo, for sure!


Oh, and by the way – since we´re talking about food, I wanted to clear something up. I´m aware that I should be eating more. And yes, I do post everything that I eat during the day. And each meal is a struggle – I never know if I´m eating too much or too little. But I´m trying to get better – YOU GUYS make me want to get better.

I mean, it´s been almost 2 years since I´ve had chocolate! I bet you don´t thing that´s normal :P


Before I go to bed (I´m pretty tired!), I wanted to tell you guys I´m giving y´all some more time to think about the truth within my lies. Y´all can do better!


Let´s see it again:

1) Dogs are my favourite animals.

2) I love all kinds of chewing gums.

3) I wanted to become a doctor when I was little.

4) I love roller-coasters!

5) I used to love broccoli as a kid.

6) I have a birthmark on my right leg.

7) I have an Oscar on my desk right now.

Now, which one is true?


I´ll come back with the answer tomorrow, guys. I promise!

Well, good night for you all, then!

Have a great Friday!



7 comentários:

  1. I wish I had some of that froyo with pineapple right now. It looks so tasty.

    My guess is that number 2 is correct?!?

  2. Yummy froyo! Glad you're being thoughtful about your meals - that's the first step!

  3. i stick with the birthmark one. usually i try not to comment on what/how much a blogger eats, but i have to say it: you do not eat enough. i only say that because you said you don't know if you eat too much/too little, and i want to remove all doubt from your mind. honey you need more nutrients! i'm glad blogging is helping you along, but you need to give yourself that extra push. for example, the 4 tbsps of beans...you should eat more than that!! i'm only saying this out of love, so please don't be offended :). take care of yourself!!

  4. Hey love! I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to be honest with us...most of us can relate to how much of a struggle it is, and we just want to see you be as healthy as you can be! Stay strong girl :)

  5. I loved Dear John too! But I was a little disappointed with the ending. He could of at least gotten a girlfriend or something! I felt so bad for John.

    Yummy eats! Especially the froyo :) I'm gonna say that #3 is true!

  6. im guessing number 5?
    jelous of your fresh fruit- i remember the fruit in brazil BEING AMAZING!

  7. I'm going to guess #2?

    I used to love Nature Valley Granola Bars...they are so delicious...kind of like an oatmeal cookie.

    Have a great weekend Gabriela!