quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

What Women Want

Hello, people!

I hope I didn´t bore you with my NYC recaps… Hehe.

Today was a lovely day!

The original plan was to go to the beach with some friends, and then watch a movie on the theaters (Percy Jackson or something?). Unfortunately, it was cloudy and rainy when I got up. Oh, well. At least I found something fun to do :)

But let´s take it slow. Breakfast, just before 11am, was:


1 apple, 1 mini banana and 1 tbsp of Jif´s PB. Oh, Gosh – how I´ve missed this stuff!


The funny thing is, I planned on using the spoonful of PB on my banana… But, in the end, I used it with the banana AND with the apple slices, and it was still some PB left! I shared the last bites with my little sister Lelê, to whom I just presented the BEST TOPPING/SAUCE EVER!

Oh, and guess what? She loved it. Just like her big sis!

I heart peanut butter. Period.

Lunch was around 2pm. It was AH-MAZING! I´ve had:


1 (MASSIVE) baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and cauliflower and a piece of grilled chicken, PLUS…


3 tbsp of black beans. Deliciouness!



Holy YUM!

Oh, yeah. Lunch rocked :D

Then, after lunch, I was headed to my friend´s house (Daniela). She´s the sweetest! I just made a quick stop on my way – to rent some movies at the nearest video store. We wanted to do a movie marathon of Logan Lerman´s films!

You must be wondering, WTH is he? Well, he´s the boy that played little Ashton Kutcher on “Buttefly Effect”, and recently played Percy Jackson on Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Oh, yeah. Now that I googled it, I found out that was the movie I was planning on watching today. What a coincidence!).

But, anyway. He´s CUTE. Haha.

And we found out that he played little Mel Gibson on the 2000 movie “What Women Want”. We found him right away! He appears on the first few minutes, while the narrator is telling “Nick´s” story. Mel Gibson´s.

Anyhow – we ended up watching the whole movie! We LOVED it! Even her sister joined us, when she heard a few parts. So cute!

Oh, and we couldn´t miss the opportunity of finding his name on the credits! Which, obviously, we DID!


See? “little nick – LOGAN LERMAN”?!



It was such a fun afternoon.

While watching the movie, Dani´s mom offered us some snacks – I took an apple! It was the best idea – just when I finished it, both Dani and her little sister asked for apples. They said it was too tempting! Haha.


She has such a cute house!


When the movie ended, we decided to take a break (we were supposed to see another movie, too – “How To Be”. Yeah, I pretty much just rented it because Robert Pattison is on the cast. I admit it. Haha). We chatted for a long time, and spent some time on the internet… Girlie stuff ;)

At some point, she said I NEEDED to try a juice she used to have in Argentine, and that her mother had just found at the nearby supermarket – apricot juice!

Yeah, pretty random, right? She convinced me to try it – it smelled like a peach juice, and it looked like orange juice. I took a bad photo, but at least I tried:


The most surprising thing was that it was actually really tasty! I liked it!


It´s all about trying new things. Right?


I´ve had dinner when I got back home (we had no time to see Rob Pat´s movie. I guess I´ll be watching it by myself…). I made it myself, hehe.


1 of those “Thomas´s Multigrain English Muffins” with 2 thin slices of melted cheese, grated carrots, 1 floret of steamed cauliflower and lettuce. With a cup of black beans (~3tbsp) and mustard on one of the buns!

Holy YUM *-*

This was SO much better then I thought. Seriously. Gotta love grilled cheese :D

Oh, well…

I guess this is it for tonight.

See you guys soon!



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  1. Bored of your NYC posts?? NEVER!! :D I love them. You and your family are so awesome in all of your adventures. And I totally have to agree with you--I love grilled cheese sandwiches!!!

    XOXO beautiful one

  2. i never thought about juicing an apricot, but it sounds delish! i love grilled cheese too, and ihaven't had it in a while! i think i have sandwich inspiration now :). i could never be bored of reading about NYC, i LOVE that city!

  3. Sounds like a fun night! I haven't seen What Women Want in years, but it's a funny movie! I love the scene where he takes his daughter prom dress shopping. Apricot juice sounds YUMMY! Have a great weekend!