sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010


Hi, beautiful bloggers!


As you can see, I´m in a much better mood today. First, of course, because it´s FRIDAY! ;)

Plus, I´ve spent the whole afternoon with one of my best friends - I´m having a wonderful day, so far ;)

Dad will pick me up later tonight, so I´ll be able to visit my grandfather through the weekend. By the way, thank you SO much, you guys! For all your sweet words, your support, and your prayers. I was definetely needing to feel some love around me :)

You guys are the best. Period.


But, anyway. Let´s get back to today´s eats. I woke up by 5am… as usual.

Breakfast was something I was craving all afternoon yesterday - apple+PB.

(One mini-apple plus 1 tbsp of PB. Hit the spot!)


Then, snack at school break - at around 10:30am…

(3 thin slices of pineapple)


Lunch – at Daniela´s house…

(~3 tbsp of pasta with ground beef, sliced cabbage and spinach purée)


And, finally, dinner – at home! :)

(One baked sweet potato, 1 broken slice of spinach and ricotta quiche, steamed cauliflower and sprinkled grated carrots)


Pretty good, huh?

Well, that´s it for now. I feel great… :)

Have a great Friday night, and an AH-MAZING weekend!



5 comentários:

  1. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better...the weekend always cheers me up too! Keeping your grandpa in my prayers :)

  2. Did the sweet potato come shaped like that or did you bend it on your plate? Either way, I think it is ADORABLE!

  3. so glad you're feeling better today! that's great, just in time for the weekend. i had pineapple today too :)

  4. So good to see you feeling better, love... just remember that bad days never last. They suck, yes, but they pass to be replaced by good days :)

    I used to love pineapples and I wish I could eat them... unfortunately, they started to give me horrible stomach aches, so I've had to avoid them.

    Hope your weekend is starting out fabulously!

  5. I hope your grandfather is doing better! Have a fabulous weekend Gabriela!