segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2010

Non-V Day

Hey, y´all!

So, you´re probably wondering what´s the title about. Hum, let me explain…

Here, in Brazil, we don´t celebrate Valentine´s Day. I mean, we do – but it is celebrated on June 12th and it´s only for boyfriends/girlfriends. Translating, you´d have “Dates´s Day”. Seriously.

And this is why I´m a but jealous of US bloggers. US citzens. Because they get to celebrate this amazing holiday not only with the ones their passionately in love with, but with everyone they love in their lives! I can underestand that it is mainly a comercial holiday, but I just can´t get over how amazing it should be – to have a special day to celebrate your love for others! Brazil should definetely adopt this kind of date ;)

But enough of me complaining. I had a great day, anyway :)

Yesterday, at around 2pm, we arrived at Costa Brava country club. It was packed! The sun was shining bright, the sky was clear… and the pool was calling our names! We could definetely have some fun in the sun ;)

We had lunch there, too. My cousin and my two sisters asked for the same plate – sausage with french fries. Mom ordered “BBQ cheese” (it´s a special kind of cheese made for grilling, like in BBQs), and I ended up ordering a grilled cheese. After seeing so many of them in blogworld, I was in a need of one ;)


Only mine was made with white cheese and pita bread. Oh, and don´t mind the fries – I didn´t eat them. Eww.

But I loved it! And I was impressed with the “richness” of this sandwich! I didn´t even have to put salt ot mustard in it! YUUUUM.


Oh, and I had an unfinished cup of Diet Matte Tea. Refreshing :)

We spent the whole day at the club – when we got back home, around 7pm, the sun was already shining! Sometimes, I love summer ;)


After our arrival, an apple was consumed at some point. Hehe. The 2nd one of the day ;)

Our dinner was only eaten after my stepfather´s arrival – pretty late! I made myself a yummy dinner, though. I cooked 3 mini sweet potatoes on the oven for almost 1:30 hours for us three (me, Mom and Lauter) and re-heated the spinach pie. Always a winner!


1 mini-slice of spinach pie with 1 mini sweet potato and 1 raw carrot. Didn´t even need the salt ;)

And by the way, I love the strong orange color of carrots in general! They´re so pretty ;)

Today, I succeded on waking up after 10am. YAY, hehe.

Breakfast was fun. Like a fruit salad!


I´ve had 1/2 an apple (only I gave half of my half to my sister. Hehe), 3 slices of pineapple and 1 big slice of melon. YUM!

After breakfast, we all decided we should celebrate Carnival. Mom helped Lelê to find a costume, and we went out to dance. Sambar!

It was so much fun. It was too hot outside, though! We were sweating bullets when we got back home.


Anyway. I decided to have lunch before leaving again, this time back to Costa Brava (the country club). At around 1:30pm, I´ve had:


1 mini slice of spinach pue, 1 mini sweet potato, 1 piece of raw carrot, lettuce and tomatoes. Always a good combo!

There, at Costa Brava, I spent over an hour reading my book and getting tanned. So fun! Haha.

Then, I went swimming on the pool for a few minutes… while waiting for this beauty:


I can say I was responsible for 100% of the apple slices. And the mango ones. And maybe for 1/3 of those papaya ones . Oopsie ;)

It was incredibly good to spend another aftenoon at CB. I though I´d be bored at some point, hehe.

Now I´m back home. My tummy´s growling… I don´t know what to do!

Should I have dinner? Or a 2nd snack?

I guess I ate too much fruit today. One more time: oopsie.

Oh, well. Let´s see. Going with the flow.


See you guys later!



4 comentários:

  1. I can't believe you guys don't celebrate Valentine's Day! So sad :( You don't like fries?! I thought everyone liked fries! Mmmm, I definitely would have eaten them for you! That fresh fruit plate looks delicious. And definitely go for dinner- do what your body tells you!

  2. haha you can never have too much fruit! that is CRAZAYYY you dont like fries! girl! have you ever heard of chickfila? they have THE BEST FRIES EVER! the thing i remember most about brazil is their FRESH FRUIT! its awesome!! girl go for a BIG DINNER!!

  3. What a fun day! And I'm loving all of the fresh fruit... can't wait for more to come in season here!

  4. ahhhhhhh!!! carnival!!! i loved watching that on TV, where is the picture of your costume?! lol
    fruit fruit fruit- send me some ok?! im so tired of eating apples all the time!!

    June 12th.. its funny i got an email from a guy i used to date from Brazil on the 14th of feb and he said he was two days late on wishing me happy valentines day.. what a punk! he got the wrong month and the wrong date! lol