sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2010

German films aren´t supposed to be dubbed

Hello, bloggies :)

I know, the title is weird. But I´ll explain it later. Hehe.

Last night, I had dinner around 10pm. My stepfather was en retard!

Thankfully, the food was AH-MAZING:


Spinach Pie, tomatoes, steamed cauliflower and lettuce. Which equals YUMINESS ;)

Today, I was planning on waking up by noon – the fact that I didn´t have classes should be celebrated! But no. I woke up smiling, thinking about how late I awoke, and then I saw the clock on my phone. 9:30am. Oh, NO!


At least I slept well. And that´s all that matters, right?

Anyway. Last night, just before going to bed, I had this amazing idea. Making overnight oats for breakfast!

I mean, why not? Besides, it´s so freaking hot here. I could easily eat it cold. And that´s what I did :)

I checked a lot of blogs to find a recipe. I tried Tina´s, Kath´s, Julie´s… Then, I came up with my own recipe!

1/3 container of plain oats

1 spoonful of old fashioned oats

And this was how it looked this morning :)




Cute mini-banana!


1/2 sliced banana


With a teaspoon of PB ;)


It was AH-MAZING. I´m sorry if I bored you with pics from the whole process… But it was pretty darn good :)

After breakfast, I went to the beauty saloon. There, I got my nails did:


And my eyebrows, too. Finally ;)

When I got back home, I spent some time on the internet – just before the connection went down. Insert a big “GRRRRRRR”.

But it wasn´t such a bad thing. I ended up spending some time with my little sister. We played, danced, and laughed together. She´s so smart for her age :D

We all had lunch around 2pm. I mean, me, Lelê and Lauter (my stepfather). Mom went to the beach. Yes, all alone. Lelê didn´t want to go with her, Lauter was working… I had to offer some help.

Lunch was… interesting.

It started with one of my best ideas: microwaved sweet potato.


With some leftover spinach pie


With a “dessert spoon” of Jif´s peanut butter :D


Sounds like an amazing combo, right? Sure. But when I started eating it…

The potato was SO dry. I almost gave up eating it :/

Fortunately, PB was there to save the meal :D

But it was definetely a fail. I guess it needed to cook for more then 5 minutes. Oh, well. I can´t wait to try it again, though ;)

After lunch, Mom and I went out for some more “girl time” – I was in serious need of waxing! I feel so much better now, hahaha.

Then, we picked up Lelê and went out again – this time, to the mall. Lelê wanted to see a movie about witches and dragons, so Mom had no choice. She could either take us out or spend the whole afternoon making Lelê stop crying. Try guessing what did she choose. Haha.

It was pretty cool. The thing is: it was actually a German movie. For kids. Dubbed in portuguese. This is SO wrong.

I mean, of course, I don´t expect brazilian kids to understand german. I don´t! But what about the synchronization between the lines and mouths? So confusing! I had to focus on their noses everything they speaked, ´cause I started feeling dizzy. Haha.

I´m a subtitled-movie kind of girl. What can I do?

Anyway. The film was pretty short, and after leaving the theater, we had to find something to do. I enjoyed the time we had at the mall to trade some birthday gifts I had received (clothes that don´t fit, etc). I was a happy girl :)

Just before leaving, then, Mom said I should have something to eat. She didn´t know if the streets were be crowded (because of Carnival), or if the traffic was heavy. I decided it was FRO-YO TIME!



Small Tart Fro-Yo with blueberry, pineapple and banana. Predictable, I know ;)

But it was definetely yummy. I loooove Fro-Yos… :D

Right now, I´m at home. I have no idea of what or when dinner will be served, but I´m guessing it won´t be too much. Besides, I had a Fro-Yo. This things are usually pretty filling :)

I guess I better get going. See y´all later!

As soon as I can. I promise. Hehe.



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  1. just saw your guest post on janetha's blog, loved it! i have major froyo envy, i don't get nearly enough of that in my life! i love step by step pics of how recipes are made, your overnight oats sound great. bananas pb and oats = the best combo! what is spinach pie? looks great. and i hate when sweet potatoes get dry in the microwave, i've found it helps to cut them into quarters before nuking them, that way you don't have to cook them as long and they cook evenly

  2. I love your cute mini banana! The fro yo sounds yummy. I usually have some at least once a week :)

  3. The froyo looks delicious! I love getting my nails done, too. I love the color you chose!