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February 3rd – NYC Recap

Hey, bloggies!

So, before it gets boring… That´s another recap from my trip!


Mom woke up feeling a bit sick. Which wasn´t really a surprise (she´s pregnant). So she asked me to get up, take a shower and have breakfast by myself anywhere around, while she slept. Oh, and she asked me to bring her a cup of Yogurt Parfait on my way back, too. Hehe.

So there I went, alone in NYC. Sounds crazy, but I loved the feeling of freedom. It felt so good to choose whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted. I was born to live by myself, haha ;)

Since we were trying to save some $$ (food+museums are quite expensive!), I went looking for a cheap breakie. At Pax Food, I bought my Mom´s Yogurt Parfait and a container of Rice Krispies (by the way, I loved ´em!). At Starbucks, I bought a short Skinny Vanilla Latte and used their non-fat milk. Smart balance!


It was a fun and cheap breakfast. YAY!

After coming back to the hotel and waiting for my Mom to dress up, we decided we should go to a museum. Metropolitan sounded like the best choice!

On our way to Metropolitan… We realized Central Park was covered with snow!


So beautiful (the snow on the branches. Haha).


Snow-covered streets…


Pictures with “modern sculptures”


And then, finally, inside the Metropolitan Museum Of Art!



Oh, the next one has such a fun story. Can you see the “hand on the leg” pose? That´s because I had put my hand over the Sphinx´s leg, and quickly the security guy screamed “DON´T TOUCH IT!” to me. You can see my twisted smile – I was scared! I made one of those less-then-a-second moves to take off my hand and smile to the camera. Hahahahahaha. Mom and I laughed hard, later on ;)







Well, as you can see, we´ve had TONS of fun in the museum. We both LOVED it ;)

Between visiting the first and the second floor, though, Mom said she was hungry. So we stopped for some lunch at the Museum´s Cafeteria. I saw lots of students! I kinda wished I was one of them ;)


My lunch was, basically: broccoli, black beans salad, salmon, grated carrots, cherry tomatoes and big chunks of cheese (a really strong one. I ended up giving the most of it to Mom – I thought it was actually white cheese. Hehe).

T´was yummy! :D

But we had plans for the rest of the afternoon. After visiting Metropolitan, me and Mom were headed to Pier 17, where my aunt and my cousins said we would find amazing sales!

So, there we went. It was pretty fun! We were a bit lost on the beggining, but after we got there, we spent like almost 4 hours inside Abercrombie! I went out ~$150 less rich. Hehehe.

We were kinda HANGRY after all those activities! We were, then, headed to the nearest McDonald´s. I simply could NOT leave the US without eating there! Hehe.

Me and Mom ordered basically the same thing (Filet-O-Fish) – only she had apple pie as dessert, while I chose the yogurt parfait I´ve been DYING to try. I was TOTALLY lovin´it!


Everything was SO yummy! I didn´t even feel guily about eating fast-food – it tasted so healthy!


Even Mom and our new Abercrombie & Fitch bags were lovin´it.



After heading home, I stopped at M&M World. Overwhealming! I got lost in there like 3 times. Hahahaha. But look what I found:


Isn´t it cute?

Anyway. We just came back to our hotel and called it a night. An awesome one, to be exact!


Well, that´s it. I guess my trip´s recap is coming to an end…

February 4th was my last day in NYC!

On February 5th, at around 3pm, we arrived at Rio´s airport.

It was quite a trip!

Anyway, the next recap will probably be the last. Pinky promise ;)

See y´all!



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  1. looks like wuite the trip! I love th Met - it's one of my favorite things to visit in the city -- did you make it up to the rooftop? I'm not sure if it's open during the winter, but it has beautiful views!


  2. wuite = quite!

    sorry - my fast-typing sometimes gets the best of me ;)

  3. Awesome! I love the MoMA. Glad you had a fun time here!

  4. Yay for the snow! The cheese looks like feta...one of my favorites! M&M world is so fun. I love all the different colors you can get!

  5. I am quite jealous of your trip! NYC is one of my favorite places an dit looks like you had a great time. :)