terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

Everything Is Not What It Seems

Hey, cuties!

No, I haven´t seen too much Disney Channel´s Wizard Of Waverly Place (don´t even ask how I know this). But I have a story to tell, and this situation that happend yesterday just showed me everything is not what is seems :/

Well, where do I start? I was STARVING, you guys know, since before 8pm. I read all of your sweet comments saying I should have dinner, so I started wondering what to eat. But I took too long…

So, at around 9pm, Mom and Lauter decided to order calzones for dinner. I thought that was a great idea, since eating spinach pie for the 6th time in a row would be a little too repetitive ;)

I asked Mom to order a turkey breast and white cheese calzone for me. And I was happy about my choice :)

Only I had to wait for a loong time for the food to come. Oh, Gosh – I was about to start eating my arms :P

Ok, then. We had 3 calzones in front of us – a ham&cheese one, a chicken+catupiry one and a turkey breast&white cheese one. Happily, I started cutting them, trying to find out which one was mine. Only the light was broken, so I wasn´t really seeing into them… I ended up choosing mine by smell.

I quickly snapped a picture of this beauty:


Yeah, I know. Gorgeous, huh?

But now, onto the title. What does it have to do with my calzone? I´ll tell you: everything.

The thing is: I decided which one was mine by smell. Which wasn´t really the best way to decide, since only one of them had a really strong smell (the chicken one).

But, anyway. You guys probably know what happend next – I ended up eating the ham&cheese one. Now you ask me - why´s that so important?

Well, “Gertrude” started to scream as soon as I realized I had eaten a whole ham&cheese calzone. A turkey breast and white cheese one was acceptable, because of the reduced fat, but a HAM AND CHEESE ONE?! I (I mean, Gertrude) got SO angry. Angry at myself, angry at my Mom for not telling me which one was mine… I felt horrible.

And, you know, that affected me for the rest of the night. Mom asked me to watch “Rachel´s Wedding” with her, and this movie has a few moments where EDs are discussed. It made me think… think… And think…

Until I finally realized. I was beeing SO stupid! I mean, what´s the real difference between a ham&cheese calzone and a turkey+white cheese one? NONE! Did it make my life change? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So, I´m sorry to bother you guys with this long and boring story… But I just needed to get it out of my chest. Pww. Feels goood ;)

Now, on to today. I woke up the same time I did yesterday (at around 10:30am), and my breakfast was (again) based on fruits.


I had 1 1/2 slices of melon and 3 slices of pineapple. YUM!

Then, I was headed (again!) to Barra. Only, this time, we went to the beach!

I had a tangerine popsicle there. Hehe :)


For 45 kcal each and 0% of fat, how could I say no?

Then, after the beach, we ran back to Grandpa´s house to take a shower and we went straight ahead to the mall – we were supposed to watch “Brazil´s High School Musical” on the theaters with a bunch of friends at 4:10pm :)

Unfortunately, we all had to skip lunch :/

I was STARVING at the end!

I drank a cup of Iced Tea during our session… Which kinda made me feel better. But only for a bit :/

Fortunately, we found a Subway right in front of the cinema. YAY! I had lunch by 6:30pm.


I´ve had a 6” Turkey Breast sandwich, with swiss cheese, cucumber, lettuce, pickles and olives. And a bit of mustard! I went to sandwich-heaven… :D

Now, I´m back home. I´ve had a great time with my friend Daniela and her sister! I even chatted with my sister Bruna and her friend Maria Eliza for a while… WOW.


I´m a happy girl, now. Dinner´s up next!

See you guys soon ;)



5 comentários:

  1. I'm so glad you realize that "Gertrude" was the one telling you not to eat that calzone! Would it have been easier if you had just gotten to eat what you'd ordered? Yes, but you wouldn't have won this battle! By realizing that the ham calzone doesn't even make a difference in the scheme of things, you totally kicked Gertrude's butt :) I'm so proud of you!! I'm so jealous of all your gorgeous fresh fruit, but the way!

  2. Girl, I think it's great that you realized that it made no difference in the end whether you ate the ham&cheese or the turkey with cheese. You really did some ED butt-kickery there! ED's always trying to come in with his nonsense logic, but there's no truth behind is rigid rules. Listen to your logic and eventually, ED will be forced to keep quiet.

  3. aww girl.. im glad you decided to kick gertude to the curb with all her negative thoughts about what you were eating!!! nice job!

    um what?! you dont watch wizards?! olivia and i do all the time! lol

    Daniela.. only my favorite name for a girl besides olivia.. *sigh* i cant wait to have another little girl!!!

  4. Good for you for putting Gertrude down! And that calzone does sound pretty darn good.

  5. very happy you are aware of those thoughts!! you KICK ed to the curb!! you are wayy better than that!! ahh i am dying for you to challenge yourself with fries :) :) that was my FAV challenge ever!!
    have a great night love!