quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

The Day After The Big Day

Hey, guys!

So, today was a little bit tiring for me. But I guess that´s ok - it´s Humpday! Only 2 more days and the weekend´s here! YAY :)

Oh, and I have a plus: I have the next week FREE, thanks to Carnival! NO CLASSES FOR A WHOLE WEEK!

I´m so thankful :D

Well, anyway. Yesterday, by 6pm, my little cousin came by to sing “Happy Birthday” to me and to eat chocolate cake. Hahaha, kids ;)

It was OK. Expect for the fact I wasn´t able to blow the candles – all 3 kids in the house were fighting for the chance to do it! Well, I wasn´t getting in their way, anyway ;)


Birthday girl.. A bit camera-shy ;)


My little sister, when my cousin blew all the candles. One more time: kids!


Cutting the cake for my audience. Thanks, everybody… Hahaha.

Then, we were headed to a bar/restaurant to meet the rest of the family. Mom organized a b-day dinner for me :)




Making 15 wishes… hahahaha, it took me a few moments!


Blowing the candle! Finnaly ;)


Me and Dad :)


Me and Uncle Leo :)

I was definetely a happy girl. Through the celebration, I´ve had:


About half of this plate: salad with spinach quiche. YUM!


And about two of those – Diet Matte Tea. They changed their layout ;)

Anyway – as you can see, I´ve had a quite nice b-day. Plus, I feel more celebrations to come. Hahahaha. You don´t expect me to celebrate my 15th bithday only once, do ya? ;)

Today was pretty much like yesteday and the day before – I woke up by 5:15am (only, this time, I pressed the “snooze” button until 5:30am. Hehe.), then got dressed, then had breakfast. I wanted a yogurt mess, but then I realized we were outta yogurt =P

Oh, well. What to do? I´ve had a pretty yummy breakfast, though.



A banana and 1 tbsp of PB. I was on the run :/

Then, by 10:30am, I´ve had a mini apple through my school break.


I´ve had lunch between classes – and I actually found an amazing place to have lunches over the week! It´s called Mr. Ali – they sell only whole foods! AH-MAZING :D


A bit messy, haha. But underneath it all, there were olives, lettuce, grated carrots and beets, slices turkey blanquet and soy. Mustard as sauce. Spicy, but YUMMY!

I got back home by 6:30pm. I spent some time doing blog-reading, then homework, then studying… And I´m already late for sleeping now, actually. Hehe. No time to waste!

I had dinner by 8:20pm. My plate:


I´ve had a small (and destructed) piece of chicken pie, lettuce, tomatoes and grated carrots. Yuuummy :)

Well, I made it through. Right?

Now, I have to sleep. Only two more days!

Oh, and by the way – thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Seriously :)

Brazilian XOXO´s,


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  1. You look beautiful at all your birthday festivities! That spinach quiche looks really good, and so does the cake! Glad to hear your had fun :)

  2. Hey girlie!! I agree you look beautiful as always. Birthdays are so much fun andd I'm so glad you were able to enjoy yours!! Happy belated my love!!