segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Back To Basics

Hello, lovely people!

I hope you all had a great Monday. Mine was… good :)

I couldn´t really sleep, so I decided to get up at around 5am. I took a bath, got dressed up and ran to the kitchen – my stomach was growling!

A had a quick, yet delicious breakie:


A big banana with a tbsp of PB…


Just what I needed to start the day!

In the end, I didn´t use the hole tbsp in the banana…


… So guess what I did with the rest?

Hahahahahaha. Peanut Butter Fingers, baby!

School went fast – at least, in the morning. Our school break´s at 10:30am, so around that time I´ve had an apple. One apple a day keeps the doctor away! Right?



Then, I had lunch with a friend at the same place I did two weeks ago – Mr. Ali. She grabbed her roll of salmon sushi with cream cheese and ginger and kindly agreeded to have lunch at one of Mr. Ali´s tables with me. Lovely Nina :)

I created a salad there – with all different kinds of toppings!


Grated beets, sliced turkey blanquet, sliced heart-of-palms, lettuce, olives, white cheese and mustard sauce.


I guess I´m becoming addiceted… Hehe ;)

School was over by 5pm, and thanks to the good traffic, I got home by 5:30pm. I enjoyed my time alone to do tons of homework, and to study for a bit. It felt so good to be doing those things in advance. That will keep me ahed of all the work I need to get done this week. YAY!

I was planning on having an early dinner, but as our housekeeper got sick and we had no prepared food… It just didn´t happend. Besides, when Mom and Lelê arrived, she said she wanted us all to have dinner together. Oh, my.

Dinner was ready at around 8pm. We had a bunch of different things to choose from – leftovers, eggs, cheeses… Mom got creative ;)


My plate container: one baked sweet potato (which was kind of raw, by the way), 1 tbsp of cottage cheese, 3 chunks of cooked pumpkin, 3 tbsp of scrambled eggs, lettuce, 1 slice of tomato, grated carrots and Mom´s sauce (yellow and brown mustard with about a teaspoon of EVOO).

WOOOW, right? Haha. It tried a lot of different things, but everything tasted great. YAY MOM! Haha :)

I guess I´ll conclude saying that, sometimes, I don´t think I give enough importance to my Mom in my life. But she´s the best, and she should know it.

So, I don´t know if you´re going to read this, but I LOVE YOU, MOM!

You´re an inspiration. And the best Mom ever!


Now I believe it´s time for me to turn off the computer, so I can sleep ealier… I couldn´t sleep last night, remember?!

I´ll see you lovely bloggers soon.

School´s just until lunchtime tomorrow!




4 comentários:

  1. Aw, so sweet you wanted to thank your mom! I love the cooked pumpkin...I had some for lunch today!

    Is the reduced fat Jif the only PB you can find in Brazil? I ask because a lot of people have a tendency to buy the reduced fat because they think it's healthier, but in reality it just has more sugar than the regular with the same amount of calories (not that calories matter haha)! The fats in PB are the good kind so the full fat version is actually better for you! Just a tip :)

    Enjoy your half day of school tomorrow!

  2. awww such a bummer carnival is over!!!! i love your idea for breakfast, so fun to get messy in the mornings.. lol

  3. aw! i love my mom and miss her! that was so cute of you to mention her. I hope when I am a mom ( and hopefully soon at my age!) I can make fun meals for my kiddos.