domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Foodie Heaven

Hiya, bloggies!


How was your Sunday?

I hope y´all had a great time at the weekend… Because tomorrow´s Monday! :P

Oh, well. You gotta do what you gotta do ;)

I woke up this morning in such good humor. Even though I couldn´t sleep so well, I felt so much better. Breakfast was something I really missed – yogurt.


1 container of non-fat yogurt plus 1 sliced apple


As good as I remembered :D

Then, the morning went on… And plans with my mom´s father were canceled :/

I enjoyed my “free afternoon” to visit grandpa at the hospital. By the time I got there, lunch time was almost over. So I went downstairs with my grandmother by 2pm to have lunch with her… She definetely needed a break.


I´ve had 1 tbsp of brown rice, 1 scoop of black beans, steamed cauliflower, ~3 tbsp of cubbed chicken, grated carrots and eggplant and tomato salad.


Plus an apple from the dessert buffet :)

When we got back to grandpa´s room, I saw Mom and Lelê – they wanted to visit him too. It was kind of nice to have other visitors - he´s been fed through his nose, and apperently that hurts a lot. He spends the whole time groaning, or making furious sounds while trying to take the tub off. He didn´t eat a single thing (at least not through his mouth) for 2 days. It´s so hard to see him like this, breathing loudly and heavily, with closed eyes… I wish I could talk to him. I wish he could hear me.

Oh, God. I just want him to feel better. Whatever that means.

But, anyway… After spending a few hours there, holding his hand and watching him sleep/wake up, Mom said it was time to go. So by 4:30pm, Mom, Lelê, Bruna and I left the hospital. We planned on going straight home – but then, we realized we were basically outta food :/

We ended up driving to the mall to have something to eat and to look around. I wasn´t in the mood for hanging out, though. So we just waited for Mom while she was at the bank and bought food. Lelê had a bowl of popcorn, Mom had a Banana Pie, and Bruna had a plate of rice, chips and strogonoff. Moi?




I´ve had a Turkey Breast and Buffalo Mozarella sandwich on a whole wheat bread. I was in sandwich-heaven!


And, for dessert, something that I´ve been craving for a loong time…


FRO-YO! Period.


With blueberries, pineapple chunks and banana slices. The perfect trio.

Of course, I absolutely HATED it ;)

Oh, my. I ate waay too much today…

But it was totally worth it. Haha.


Have a great Sunday night and a great week, guys!

Tomorrow´s post will be a little later then usual… School ends at 5pm :P

Anyhow… See y´all!



It´s Good To Be Around

Hello, lovely bloggies :)

I´m sorry I took so long to do my daily post – I just went back from the hospital. I spent about 10 hours there today – visiting my grandfather.

But let´s rewind a bit…

Last night, Dad ended up calling me to say it was a little too late to pick me up. So I finished reading/commenting blogs and slept at home. Felt good :)

Then, this morning, as you all probably know, I had a major craving for that Luna Bar I bought while at New York. I simply HAD to try it as breakfast! So, at around 10am (even though I woke up at 9am), I´ve had all that YUMINESS in a bar. Holy Moly! I was in bar-heaven. Haha ;)

Anyway. Dad picked me up a little later – by 1:15pm or so. Traffic was heavy – and, as I was hungry, I started to get a rel bad headache… Ouch.

Fortuntely, the first thing I´ve done when I arrived at the hospital (by 2:15pm) was to have lunch. I was hangry!


I´ve had about 3 tbsp of carrot salad, 4 tbsp of chickpeas and salmon salad, 2 tbsp of brown rice, 1 scoop of black beans, 3 beet slices, 3 cassava slices, 1 mini chicken meat-ball and ~4 tbsp of cooked pod.

Pretty good for hospital food, huh? Haha.

Then, I spent the whole day at grandpa´s room. The fact that he refused to eat and simply didn´t want to wake up or to talk at all made everything harder. He didn´t eat anything all day, and by the end of the afternoon the doctors decided to give him food through his nose. They had to get both my Dad and my Uncle to hold him while they inserted the tub and wrapped his hands so he wouldn´t try to take the tub off…

Simply disturbing. Oh, God. He begged us all to get the tub off his nose – he even started to scream and to shake his arms (even though his arms were tighed to his bed). And I really wanted to help him, but grandma took me off the room so I could get some fresh air before I could do anything. I felt useless. Maybe this was a little too strong for me. Seeing my grandfather like this… Not beeing able to talk, discuss and be rational like he always is…

It was hard. But I got over it, and stood behind him through the whole evening. Me, my Dad, my Uncle and my two Aunts only went back home when the hospital guys asked us to. It was already 11:30pm, and the visit time was supposed to be between 8am and 8:30pm. Oopsie.

Oh, well. I had dinner at the same place I´ve had lunch – at the hospital´s restaurant. Food was almost the same. At around 8:30pm, I´ve had:


4 tbsp of chickpea and salmon salad, 2 tbsp of carrot salad, 2 small slices of grilled chicken, 1 tbsp of brown rice, 1 scoop of black beans, 3 slices of raw beets ans lettuce.

This time, it wasn´t as good as lunch – apparently, the air-conditioner was colder, which made all my plate freeze in a couple of minutes. And, trust me – chicken and rice are two things that are better when hot ;)

But the meal itself wan´t so bad. Besides, I´ve had melon chunks as dessert :D


4 small melon slices

I was supposed to attend a 15-year-old party now – but once I don´t know the birthday girl, and it´s way past midnight, I gave up. Bed´s calling me ;)

I still have a major headache that followed me through the whole day. Ughhh. I just wanted to feel good again :/

But anyway. I´m sure I´ll be better by tomorrow. All I need is a good night of sleep. Yeahh… This will make everything better.

I guess I´ll see you guys tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday, y´all!



sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Breakfast Treat

Hey, guys!

So, I´m gonna have to be short and sweet…

My Saturday breakfast was divine!

It was something I´ve been wanting to try for a loong time…


A S´mores Luna Bar!


I was in heaven.



Holy YUM!

See you guys later, ok?



sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010


Hi, beautiful bloggers!


As you can see, I´m in a much better mood today. First, of course, because it´s FRIDAY! ;)

Plus, I´ve spent the whole afternoon with one of my best friends - I´m having a wonderful day, so far ;)

Dad will pick me up later tonight, so I´ll be able to visit my grandfather through the weekend. By the way, thank you SO much, you guys! For all your sweet words, your support, and your prayers. I was definetely needing to feel some love around me :)

You guys are the best. Period.


But, anyway. Let´s get back to today´s eats. I woke up by 5am… as usual.

Breakfast was something I was craving all afternoon yesterday - apple+PB.

(One mini-apple plus 1 tbsp of PB. Hit the spot!)


Then, snack at school break - at around 10:30am…

(3 thin slices of pineapple)


Lunch – at Daniela´s house…

(~3 tbsp of pasta with ground beef, sliced cabbage and spinach purée)


And, finally, dinner – at home! :)

(One baked sweet potato, 1 broken slice of spinach and ricotta quiche, steamed cauliflower and sprinkled grated carrots)


Pretty good, huh?

Well, that´s it for now. I feel great… :)

Have a great Friday night, and an AH-MAZING weekend!



quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Not My Day

Hello, people…

So, today wasn´t really my day…

It started raining when I was about to go to my “experimental” english class (I got all wet, obviously), all I had was a hot pink High School Musical umbrella, I fought with my Mom, got desperate with homework…

Yeah. Definetely not a good day for moi.

So, here are today´s eats (with a few observations):


1 Thomas Multigrain English Muffin with sprinkled grated carrots and lettuce…


PLUS, 3 tbsp of black beans…



An apple



Steamed cauliflower, lettuce, 1 mini-slices of spinach+ricotta quiche, sprinkled grated carrots…


PLUS 4 tbsp of black beans




This is it.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments!

They made my day :)

Good night!



I Don´t Think I´ll Ever Be Ready To…

… deal with it.

It´s true. I don´t think I can.

I´m sorry – am I beeing too random?

Let me slow back a little bit – this will explain why I didn´t post yesterday. And why am I posting so early today.

I´ll be quick and simple before I start crying again. The thing is: yesterday, right after I got home from school (almost 6pm), Mom received a call from my Aunt, who´s a psycologist at the hospital where my Grandpa´s at.

She said she had a serious conversation with my Dad, my Grandma and my Uncle about my grandfather. I mean… he has cancer. He´s been at the hospital for 23 non-stop days right now, and he doesn´t seem to get any better. He feels lots of pain all the time, and he howls all night.

And, apparently, they´ve made a decision. They decided they can´t let him suffer anymore.

From now on, the doctors will give him morphine. And, slowly, he won´t be able to talk and recogzine us anymore… And then…

Oh, my. I really can´t take this. I can´t believe this is happening. I cried for so long, but I don´t think I´ll be able to stop. Not… not now.

He is going to die. Soon.

And yesterday was his last day before starting taking morphine, so me and my Mom went to his hospital at Barra to visit him… To talk to him…

To say goodbye.

Oh, geez. Here we go again. I have to stop crying.

But let me just finish. We spent a few hours there, and that´s why I haven´t posted and why I haven´t gone to school today. We had to sleep over my mom´s father (my other grandfather) house, at Barra – it was too late to go back.

I woke up today at around 9:30am. We got dressed and went back home. Now´s almost 1pm, and I haven´t ate a single thing.

And I know this is not right, but my throat hurts so much… I think I´ll just push myself to have lunch in a couple of minutes.

But anyway. Thank you guys. For reading this, for supporting me… I´m going through a really hard time right now. Again, I don´t know if I can handle this on my own.

Well, those are some of yesterday´s eats…



School snack






Okay, this was soooo cute. Mom picked me up at school, and she bought me a small tart frozen yogurt with blueberries and pineapple for me to have in the car. Isn´t she the best?!





“Night-snack” (I ended up drinking about 1/8 of this… But whatever.)


Oh, and in case you were wondering… My visitor pass the hospital.



Well, thank you all again for reading, and for giving me the opportunity to share either good or bad news with you all. You seriously make me happy :)

Give it up to the first smiley face of this post. Yaaaaay.

See you guys soon.



terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010


Hey, lovely people!

How was your Tuesday? I hope it was amazing! But, even if it wasn´t, just remember - tomorrow´s Humpday! We´re one step closer to the weekend!


Anyhow, my Tuesday went great. I couldn´t sleep much, but I wasn´t tired when I awoke – a good sign! Up next, I did everything as always (took a shower, dressed up…) and then had breakfast. A yummy one!


I know you probably seen this before… Apple slices with a tbsp of PB!


Holy YUM. This thing is awesome! Haha.

In the end, there was a few PB left…


Which I quickly licked from the spoon! Yuuuuuuuum ;)

I had a slow morning today at school… At least, after school break, I knew I had only 2 more classes before heading home. YAY!

At snack time… An apple. I can´t get over it ;)


I was SO happy when school was over! I could go home at lunch time! It felt ah-mazing to eat homemade food again. Hehe.

Lunch was yummy and repetitive – 1/2 a baked sweet tater, grated carrots, 1 thin slice of grilled chicken and steamed zucchini (about 3 tbsp).


PLUS, of course…


3 tbsp of black beans. I´m a girl with strong habits.

After lunch, I spent the aftenoon working… Doing homework, organizing some stuff, finishing school projects… I was definetely busy ;)

Then, around 5pm, I took a break from school work to watch an english class. Remember when I talked about entering a new english course? So, they said I should talk to a techer, who would decide which classes should I take – the FCEs (First Certificate in English) or the CPEs (An advanced certificate one I forgot the name, haha). She actually said I could choose the one I wanted, and that this was up to me. How cool and weird is that?! Haha.

I watched the CPE class today from 5:30 to 7pm, and I kinda liked it. I spent a loong time without any serious english training, so I actually went pretty well. I got nine questions of ten on comprehension, 4 of 6 on listening, and 5 of 7 on reading. Not too shabby, hahahaha.

The thing is: most of the students in that class are seniors, or even college students. It was a bit scary to be learning with them. Uh-uuh.

But I´ll watch an FCE class before making a decision, so I´m ok for now. This is so exciting! Hihi :)

Anyway – dinner was around 8pm. I bet you´ve seen this many times before:


Except that, to save you all from total bore, I added a something new…


Vegetable soup! About half a scoop.

Actually, the ingredients of this soup are truly the amazing thing behind it – only different kinds of veggies! Mixed on the blender!

This was gooood. Clean food!

Well… My eyes are closing. Again, always a good sign!

I guess this is me turning off.

See you guys soon!



segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Back To Basics

Hello, lovely people!

I hope you all had a great Monday. Mine was… good :)

I couldn´t really sleep, so I decided to get up at around 5am. I took a bath, got dressed up and ran to the kitchen – my stomach was growling!

A had a quick, yet delicious breakie:


A big banana with a tbsp of PB…


Just what I needed to start the day!

In the end, I didn´t use the hole tbsp in the banana…


… So guess what I did with the rest?

Hahahahahaha. Peanut Butter Fingers, baby!

School went fast – at least, in the morning. Our school break´s at 10:30am, so around that time I´ve had an apple. One apple a day keeps the doctor away! Right?



Then, I had lunch with a friend at the same place I did two weeks ago – Mr. Ali. She grabbed her roll of salmon sushi with cream cheese and ginger and kindly agreeded to have lunch at one of Mr. Ali´s tables with me. Lovely Nina :)

I created a salad there – with all different kinds of toppings!


Grated beets, sliced turkey blanquet, sliced heart-of-palms, lettuce, olives, white cheese and mustard sauce.


I guess I´m becoming addiceted… Hehe ;)

School was over by 5pm, and thanks to the good traffic, I got home by 5:30pm. I enjoyed my time alone to do tons of homework, and to study for a bit. It felt so good to be doing those things in advance. That will keep me ahed of all the work I need to get done this week. YAY!

I was planning on having an early dinner, but as our housekeeper got sick and we had no prepared food… It just didn´t happend. Besides, when Mom and Lelê arrived, she said she wanted us all to have dinner together. Oh, my.

Dinner was ready at around 8pm. We had a bunch of different things to choose from – leftovers, eggs, cheeses… Mom got creative ;)


My plate container: one baked sweet potato (which was kind of raw, by the way), 1 tbsp of cottage cheese, 3 chunks of cooked pumpkin, 3 tbsp of scrambled eggs, lettuce, 1 slice of tomato, grated carrots and Mom´s sauce (yellow and brown mustard with about a teaspoon of EVOO).

WOOOW, right? Haha. It tried a lot of different things, but everything tasted great. YAY MOM! Haha :)

I guess I´ll conclude saying that, sometimes, I don´t think I give enough importance to my Mom in my life. But she´s the best, and she should know it.

So, I don´t know if you´re going to read this, but I LOVE YOU, MOM!

You´re an inspiration. And the best Mom ever!


Now I believe it´s time for me to turn off the computer, so I can sleep ealier… I couldn´t sleep last night, remember?!

I´ll see you lovely bloggers soon.

School´s just until lunchtime tomorrow!




domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

All Over Again

Hiya, people!

It´s over. Carnival is over, weekend is over, vacation is 100% over. It´s time to start working! From now on, I´ll be studying as much as I can. And this fact kinda creeps me out :P

Oh, well. As I said earlier – you gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, I´m 3 years away from graduating. It won´t take too long! Sooner or later, I´ll be at college. Studying the subjects I´m interested in. How cool is that?!


Anyway, let´s get back to the present. I mean, the recent past. I don´t really know when did I have lunch today – but it´s Sunday, so who cares?

I´ve had the half sweet potato left from yesterday with a big piece of cooked chicken breast and random steamed veggies. Never goes wrong :)


With, of course, the always-present…


Scoop of black beans!


Altogether, now…


“Holy cow!”

Hahaha. Actually, I just stealed that one from a book I spent the afternoon reading – “Dear John”, by Nicholas Sparks. It´s a page-turner! I´m loving it :)

Right after lunch, we all went to the hospital to visit Grandpa. He´s doing better, but… You know. He´s at the hospital. That´s never a good sign :/

But anyway. I spent the whole afternoon reading by his side – he managed to sleep a few minutes over a neck pain. Poor Grandpa… I love him so much. I´m praying to have him back home as soon as possible.

Now, I´m already back at Mom´s house. I´ve just had dinner: a Thomas Multigrain Enlgish Muffin with 2 tbsp of cottage cheese and a mash of corn.



Altogether :)


That was yummy. I never tried this combo before – but, believe me, it works!


Well, I guess I should get going…

A non-stop day of school awaits!

I´ll ba back home at around 6pm. Let´s see when will I be able to do my Monday post…

Wish me luck, guys!