domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

Why Not?

Hey, bloggies!

I hope you´re having an amazing Sunday! I am ;)

I woke up today at 11:50am – almost noon. So me, haha.

I decided that, since it was my last day at Dad´s house, I should eat the rest of my container of yogurt. What a sacrifice ;)


1/2 a container of non-fat plain yogurt+ 1/2 a sliced banana

Buy, obviously, I couldn´t just leave the other half of the banana. It would spoil…!



The other half of the banana with ~1 tbsp of rolled oats. I missed this.

Then, Dad asked me if I wanted to go to a BBQ with him. I first wanted to say “No”, because I hay just woke up… But then I thought “Why not?”, took a bath and went downstairs with him. And I didn´t regret it – it was cool! I played with the kids, chatted with Dad and his friends… I´ve actually had a great time :)

There, Dad asked me if I wanted to have something. It was already 2pm. Lunch and Grandma´s house is always around 4pm on Sundays, so, again, I thought… “Why not?”

I´ve had:


5 slices of sausage and 2 tbsp of black eyed peas+fish (don´t ask me which type – I just sampled it)

Dad was happy – I was happy.

Lunch was around 4pm, as we thought. I´ve made myself a big plate:


1 baked sweet potato+2 tbsp of cottage cheese, side of veggies, 1 slice of chicken pie


My Grandma rocks at the kitchen. YUUUUUUM.

At the end of the meal, I´ve drank a glass of Iced Tea. I was a bit thirsty :)


Grandma´s hands on the side ;)

Well, as you can see, I´m having a great Sunday so far.

Are you?


Next post will probably be at Mom´s house. Which means 2 DAYS UNTIL MY TRIP!

How cool is that?!

Ok, then. See you lovely people later!



P.S.: A couple of days ago, I posted a video on Youtube of me singing Taylor Swift´s “Jump Then Fall”. Any thoughts?

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