sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2010

Trying New Things

Hey, lovely people!

I spent almost the whole day inside, after making my student ID. I know, not so productive. Hehe.

By 7pm, I´ve had a mini-apple.


This little kid made me want to get out :)

By 8pm, I was headed to a kid´s party that was going on downstairs, at our condo´s playground. Minnie´s theme. Cute! I even got a souvenir – some candy and a cool pen. I´ll give the candy to Lelê, she´ll absolutely love it :)

Well, anyway.

Remember when I said later that Dad wanted me to try new things?

A couple of days ago, Dad decided to eat french bread with sardines and tomato sauce. I thought it was a bit radical at the time, but tonight… For some reason, it sounded even yummy to me tonight. Is there something wrong with me, or…? Hahaha.

Anyway. By 9:50pm or so, I´ve decided to try 2 slices of Whole Wheat Bread + sardines in tomato sauce.


Slice #1 (almost forgot to picture it! I really couldn´t wait to try it, hehe)


Slice #2


The can of sardines :)



Then, I wanted something cool – it is SO hot in Rio. You guys complain about the cold,we complain about the heat… Nobody´s satisfied. Oh, well :/

But anyway. I made myself a bowl of yogurt – 1/2 a container of non-fat plain yogurt+ 1/2 granola bar. Comforting :D


I love yogurt+granola. Period.

The perfect dinner. Seriously.


Good night, guys!

See y´all.



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