segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010


I´m sorry I didn´t post today – but I had TONS of stuff to do!



You guys have no idea of how pumped I am. Seriously.


But anyway. Let´s get back to today´s schedule:

I woke up at noon. What´s new?

My breakfast:


Home, sweet home :)


1/2 container of non-fat plain yogurt+ 1/2 a granola bar


I went out for lunch, by 3pm. On a self-service restaurant :)


- 2 tbsp of brown rice

- 1 tbsp of white rice

- 3 tbsp of black beans

- 1 piece of grilled fish

- 1 tbsp of okra+heart-of-palms salad

- 1 tbsp of tabule salad

- 1 slice of leek+cheese quiche

- 2 tbsp of spinach mixture

- 1 big slice of ham&cheese omelet

I have to say, it was SO much food. But I didn´t eat the omelet. It was kinda mushy, cold and… gross :S

But I ate everything else until the last bite. Hehe.

After lunch, I was headed to the movies. Me and Bianca saw “Avatar 3D”. It was AWESOME!

The only sad thing was that I had to put the two glasses on: my corrective glasses (I´m shortsighted) AND the 3D glasses. My nose was hurted with the weight, by the end. Hahaha.

But anyway. I was having dinner with Helena right after the movie, but she cancelled. So I went back home. Which wasn´t so bad, after all. I took advantage of the extra time to pack. I think I´ve done a great job, so far. OhmyGosh, it´s tomorrow!


I had dinner at home. I love leftovers!


- 1 slice of chicken pie

- 5 pieces of cooked cassava (I´m gonna miss this!)

- ~2 tbsp of steamed veggies

Yeah… not a such exciting day, huh?

But don´t worry. There´s more to come…


But not before dessert, consumed by 11pm -


A mini-apple. A non-spoiled one, this time ;)

Oh, well. I have a lot to do tomorrow, so…

See you guys later!

(Oh, and by the way, thanks for the comments!)



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  1. I still haven't seen Avatar, but everyone seems to be talking about it! Your self-service food looks great :)

  2. you can still get brazilian food here!!!!! there are a few places right in boston and outside of boston where you can go, they are amazing!!! plus there are alot of places to get fro-yo too ; ) have sweetie!