segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

Surprisingly Early

Hey, guys!

So, yesterday I went to bed by 2am. Kinda late, huh?

The weird thing is – I woke up all by myself at 9am. Which makes absolutely no sense, since I´ve been waking up by noon all vacation long. Body clock´s twisted, I knew it ;)

So, today, I decided to try something new…

Tina´s Microwaved Oatmeal!

I tried it with 1 1/2 tbsp of rolled oats, because that was all I had. But I guess I used less water then I should, and it came pretty thick. Or, well. I´ll try it again ;)



I just sliced the other half of the banana I used yesterday and it was ready. I should say that, even having failed a bit, I really liked oatmeal. It´s kinda comforting, warm… Yum :D

To complete my breakfast, I made my usual yogurt combination:


1/2 container of plain yogurt+ 1/2 a Honey&Oats granola bar.



Oh, well.

I should go. I´m taking care of Lelê through the day :)

See y´all soon!



2 comentários:

  1. hey gabriela!

    oats + banana is a great combination! and btw i'm a froyo lover too :)

  2. Hey!
    I know, right?!
    I don´t know why we don´t eat this in Brazil. It´s so healthily yummy!
    Fro-Yo Lovers forever. Haha.