quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

So The Challenge Begins

Hey, guys!

So, the challage begins. I had NO IDEA of what should I eat today. I woke up surrounded by doubts. But, then, my dad saved the day :D

He was already in the kitchen, cooking (!), although he´s not a cooking person (y´all know what I mean). He just asked me a quick question: “Do you want some fried eggs?”

I didn´t know what to eat for breskfast, so I hesitated… But said “Yes”!

And I quickly turned my fried egg in…


An Egg Sandwich!

I simply grabbed a slice of whole wheat bread, 1 fried egg and a little bit of salt. Perfect!

But I couldn´t eat just that, so I came up with:


Random slices of pineapple!

They were not so yummy, though.  They were actually quite acid. Oh, well…

But I managed to finish my plate :)

Wasn´t it a start?!

Oh, yeah. God, give me strenght.

See y´all!



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