quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

Morning Breakfast

Oh, yeah! I did it!

I woke up (almost) by myself at 9:30am or so this morning!

Mission accomplished :)

I ran to kitchen the moment I woke up – I wanted to have my breakfast before 10am.


I´ve had:


1/2 container of plain yogurt + 1/2 a granola bar (Nature Valley´s Honey&Oats)




After breakfast, I had the luck of noticing “Jane Austen´s Book Club” was on at HBO2.

I simply had to watch it. And I loved it! It´s a great movie, really.

The movie ended by 1pm. I was already dressed to go to the pool, so there I went.

It was awesome. I was able to enjoy a moment on my own, getting tanned, reading my book (I´m on “Pride and Prejudice´s page 100, haha) and swimming for a bit.

I just got back home. I just realized I´ve spent a couple of hours by the pool :)

Now, I´m waiting Rosalina, the housekeeper, to finish cleaning the bathroom. A relaxing shower is all I need.


So, I guess I better get going.

See ya soon!

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