quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

Midnight Dinner

So, dinner was kinda late today :)

After spending a couple of hours choosing my Mom´s birthday present, me, my Dad, his girlfriend, her daughter, her daughter´s friend and my sister went to the mini-mall near his house. I had just eaten my Fro-Yo, so I wasn´t really hungry. But my sister had a turkey breast and white cheese sandwich :)

Then, we headed back home. It was still 9:30pm…

So I spent the next few hours watching TV, reading blogs… Fun stuff :)

I just remembered I had to eat dinner by midnight. Seriously.

But I quickly got to the kitchen and microwaved my plate:


Cooked beets, chayotes, carrots and sweet potatoes and 1 slice of spinach+corn+carrot pie



~5 tbsp of black beans

I was pretty full after that!

But then, in order to manage a few more healthy calories on my diet, I had:


A mini-apple. It was kinda mushy, but I liked it. I prefer crunchy ones, though.

So… Good night!



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