quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

Lunch Time

I have to tell you – it was SO weird.

At about 1pm, my tummy started growling. I was hungry!

I mean, HOW?! I´ve just had a morning snack!

Oh, well. Living and learning. I gotta get used to it :/

My lunch was HUGE. I´m NOT kidding. My Uncle made meat pasta for lunch, but I decided to test my cooking skills. I made a Baked Sweet Potato.

But I´m not an expert, so it came out a little… raw. I had to wait for about another 20 minutes or so. Then, it was like HEAVEN (still a bit raw, but who said I care?).

I enjoyed my GINORMOUS sweet potato with a side of cooked veggies and a scoop of black beans in a cup.


1 scoop of black beans


Side of cooked vegetables


GINORMOUS sweet potato


I split it in two – this is half #2


Then, I tried a bite with cottage cheese…


And I loved it! I even added ~2 tbsp more ;)

It was SO good! The cottage cheese made the final touch – HEAVEN!

I´m 100% full now. And, by the way, as the potato took so long to bake, I only had lunch by 2:40pm. It took me SO LONG to eat it all! Like 40 minutes or so!

(I normally eat lunch in 10 min or less. I´m always in a hurry :S )

Oh, well.

Bye bye, perfect meal plan.

At least, the doc said I shouldn´t eat if I can´t. Following my meal plan, but listening to my body. I´m skipping dessert, too – I can´t even THINK about eating right now. Rooooaaarrrhhh.

This is me taking a deep breath/showing my laziness.


See y´all… Later!



4 comentários:

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! i LOVE baked potatoes with cottage cheese, so good and good for you!

  2. Mm sweet potatoes! It's good that you're listening to your body...that means not eating when you're full, but also eating when you're hungry! If you listen to your body and eat healthy foods when you're hungry, you won't become the "chubby kid" again, I promise :)

  3. That´s all I want!
    I´m decided to start listening to my body. I really hope you´re right :)