sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2010

International Student Identity Card

I finally did it, guys!

My ISIC´s ready! YAY!

Hahaha, ok. This may seem a little ridiculous. But the simple fact that my Dad went to STB with me and helped me to make my own International Student Card means a lot to me. Why would he do it if he thought I wasn´t going to travel?!


Ok, now. Back to business. Last night, before going to bed, I´ve had an apple. Tiny, delicious.


Not-so-pretty-nails. Oh, well.

I couldn´t sleep at night. It was awful – I feel like I slept for only 15 minutes or so. Grrr :/

When I woke up by 10:00am, I just had this enormous craving for yogurt. So, after thinking about my meal plan, I´ve had:


~1/2 a container of non-fat plain yogurt+ 1/2 a granola bar

YUUUUUM. All I needed ;)

Then, I knew I had to have something from the meal plan. Which made me choose a slice of Whole Wheat Bread with 1 tbsp of cottage cheese.





I just love those “before” and “after” photos. Am I stupid? Haha.

Then, I went out to make my ISIC. I had to take a picture first, which made me waste lots of time. I never thought finding a place to take 3X4 photos would be so hard. Oopsie.

But the important thing is that I made it. It´s ready - it´s mine!


We got back by 1:30pm, and had lunch around 2 o´clock. Me and Dad :)


1/2 a baked sweet potato (with 2 tbsp of cottage cheese), side of steamed broccoli, 1 piece of cooked chicken+ 1 scoop of black beans


2 tbsp of cottage cheese added


Black beans in a cup

I´m sorry about the bad quality :S

I should try harder. Oopsie.

I promise you I´ll try to take better pictures. Seriously ;)

So… see y´all soon!



2 comentários:

  1. So exciting about your card! I love how you crumbled the granola bar into your yogurt...such a good idea!

  2. I thought about it when my house was outta granola. I mean... granola bars are still granola, right? They´re just... compacted. Haha ;)