quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

Crazy Body Clock

Yep – I think my body clock has gone a little bit crazy.

I know I´m on vacation, but waking up at noon and sleeping by 3am hasn´t done much for my recover.

Let me explain. If I wake up by noon, I´ll have my breakfast at 1pm or so. Which means I´ll probably won´t have lunch by 2pm, with the rest of the family. My lunch would be around 5:30pm, just one hour before my family´s supper. They don´t have dinner. And as I had a really late lunch, I´ll probably won´t be hungry for the rest of the day, only forcing myself to eat dinner by midnight.

Not a such healthy routine!

I´ve already made up mind - I´ll be up around 9am tomorrow. I´ll try to sleep earlier today… Shouldn´t be so hard.

Right, guys?

Now, the lunch I just had:


WOW, right?!

This is:

- 1 piece of grilled chicken breast

- 2 pieces of cooked carrot

- 1 tbsp of white rice

- ~5 tbsp of black beans

- 2 tbsp of mashed pumpkin

- 1 tbsp of okra

- 2 pieces of cooked cassava

- 1 piece of cooked sweet potato

- 1 slice of cooked chayote

This. Was. Amazingly. Enormous!

I took so long to eat that!

But it was worth it. My grandma was proud :)

Anyway. Before leaving, I just wanted to thank you for reading and commenting!

It means a lot to me, really.

But I wanted to give a special thanks to Shelley, Katie, Ada, Katie, Tammy, Jamie and Katie.

You girls have helped me too much with your lovely and kind words!

Thank you, once again.

I already love you all!



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  1. here is another comment for you!

    nice job! its not everyday we see blogs about healthy eating in order to gain weight. its a hard thing to do, but I think you can do it!
    you still have plenty of time!

    im from the boston area, you will love it! : ) good luck girlie!!