domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Beach Time

Hey, y´all!

I´m sorry for the lack of posting. I ended up sleeping over at Renata&Barbara´s house. It was pretty cool!

But let´s rewind… Where did I stop?

Oh, yeah. Yesterday, by 1:30pm.

Before leaving the house to go to the beach with stepfather, Mom and Lelê, I had 3 slices of pineapple. Not the yummiest ones I´ve ever had, but… It´s pineapple. Haha.


The third slice is hidden. Haha.

Then, we went to the beach. Had an AWESOME time! The water was absolutey PERFECT.


Mom and Lelê


My pretty baby!


My new pair of Havaianas! Can you recognize Twitter´s little bird? I´m in LOVE.


Stylish Sunglasses! And stylish top… Thanks, Mom ;)

Then, by 2:40pm or so, my Mom bought us Coconut Water. I was already dehydrated! SO HOT!




Mom and her fresh Coconut Water.


Obviously, I had to take a picture too ;)

By 3pm or so, we went back to Granpa´s house. We waited a whole lot for lunch.. About two and a half hours! And, when the food came, there was a lot missing. Oh, well :/

At least they got the fish+broccoli rice right!

By 4:30pm or so, I ate ~3 tbsp of broccoli rice+piece of fish.


But, by the end of the meal, my Granpa said I had eaten too little.

So I was literally obliged to eat some more… fish.


It was pretty yummy, though.

By 6pm, I went to Renata&Barbara´s house. We had fun singing, playing and laughing together. They´re great :)

We wanted to watch “Sherlock Holmes” by 8:30pm. But it was sold out when we got to the theaters!

We had to decide between “Alvin and The Chipmunks 2” or “Couples Retreat”.

Since “Alvin..” was all voiced in portuguese, we went to see “Couples Retreat”. Second time for me! I saw it in São Paulo, with Bruna (13-year-old sister). What can I say? I liked that movie a LOT!


The session would only begin at 9:35pm, so we decided to grab something to eat.

While Barbara decided on a Ovomaltine Milkshake from Bob´s…

Me and Renata went straight to the nearest Fro-Yo store. Brilliant minds like alike!


I had mine with the usual: banana(x2) and pineapple. YUM!

Renata had hers with kiwi, strawberry and caramel sauce. She loved it, too!

The movie was great. They loved it too! ;)

When we arrived at their home, by midnight or so, we went straight to the kitchen. Hungry gals!

While they grabbed sugar cereals, milk, burgers and toast, I decided on having:


First, an apple. I wanted more fruit in my day!


Then, a salad: tomato, lettuce and sliced buffalo mozarella cheese.


I added some black beans and called it a meal!

Yummy day. Slept with a smile on my face!

I woke up today by 9:30am. Me and Renata wanted to go the beach!

We stayed there until 11:20am. The sun was incredibly shiny, it was SO HOT out there, the water was amazingly cool… GOTTA LOVE THE BEACH!

But, unfortunately, we were too excited to go to the beach. In other words: we forgot about breakfast :/

Oh, well. What to do?

We both took a bath, dressed up, and quickly went downstairs to the kitchen. Noon breakfast!

I had the usual. Only with slightly rolled oats:


One sliced banana, about 2 tbsp of oats. Slightly rolled ;)

By 12:45pm or so, my Uncle picked me up. We went out to run errands. We had to buy my Granpa (my Dad´s father, this time) and myself some medicines, fill the tank at the gas station… All sort of stuff. I ended up buying 4 different types of plain yogurt and 10 of those Nature Valley granola bar. Honey&Oats flavoured, of course ;)

Through our little “ride”, I found a single granola bar inside my bag. I had eaten the other one.

It had a weird “cake-y” consistency, but it was Honey&Oats flavoured. You gotta love it ;)


Yuminess in a bar.

When we got home, I went straight to the kitchen to help my Grandma with lunch. She´s busy taking care of my Granpa, who´s pretty ill, so… She sure needed some help.

My Grandma is the BEST! She knew I was coming to lunch, and as the main dish was pork, she made me a TURKEY BREAST PIE!

How sweet is that?!

I filled up my plate. HAVE TO GAIN WEIGHT!


2 pieces of cooked sweet potato, 1 piece of cooked cassava, 2 pieces of cooked carrot, 1 piece of cooked chayote, ~1 1/2 slices of turkey breast pie, ~6 tbsp of white rice, 1 scoop of black beans.

Through the meal, I drank some Iced Tea. But I guess it was pretty old and spoiled, tasted like… dirty water. EWW.


Drank about less then a half of that. EWWW, nasty :S

Well, those were my eats so far.

Get ready: on the next post, I plan on making a confession about something that happend earlier today, at the Pharmacy :/

Here I go.

Have a great Sunday!



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