sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Welcome to the U.S. – Days 2 and 3

Hey, everyone!

So, I´m sorry for not blogging yesterday… But I thought we had no internet service in here (at least, not for free). But we did. Which makes me a complete fool. Hehe ;)

Oh, well. The trip has been AMAZING so far. I´m loving it. Just like McDonald´s ;)

Oh, ok. Let me get back to where we stopped… Yesterday morning. January 28th.

We woke up super early (well, it is early if you´re me), by 8am. Then, we both took a bath and got ready for breakfast – at Starbucks :)


Excited to have a real american breakfast :D

I´ve had a small Skinny Vanilla Latte with a Egg White, Spinach and Feta Wrap. I´ve always wanted to try it!


Yummy and warm. Ahhh… :)


My beautiful breakfast


Mom´s breakfast: Yogurt Parfait

Then, we took the subway to Harvard Square.DSCF1376

In the subway

I was REALLY EXCITED to see Harvard! It was always a dream for me.


A dream that came true!

Which remembers me about another dream I´ve had: seeing snow. Which came true, TOO!


I started dancing in the street. Of hapiness ;)


The real deal!

We decided to have lunch before the tour. Did I tell you we went on a Harvard Tour?! :D

It was freezing, so we kinda stopped and the first place Mom thought was decent: Dunkin´Donuts.


I´ve had a egg-white veggie omelet and cheese sandwich (at least, that´s what I think it was) with a small Lite Latte. Warm and delicious ;)


Mom chose the Reduced-Fat Blueberry Muffin. So her.

After lunch, we went back to Harvard Square to meet the tour group. Our guide was a Harvard student. She was so nice and smart :)


Getting started


Walking through the snow!


Sciences Center


Where they graduate


Mom trying to get lucky


Watching the parade, right after the tour


Mom and Elvis. Or a Harvard student dressed like him.

After the tour and the parade, we actually went ot through Cambridge area. We (kinda) visited Arlington, Waterfront, and places around. We even stopped for a bit at Boston´s College :)


Snow-y path!


Mom and Bob (the old man that showed us the whole area)

Bob left us at Newbury St., right in front of Prudential Center. It was snowing hard, so we had no choice – we had to have dinner at Prudential Center. What a sacrifice, huh? ;)


Mom and her lobster


Me and my plate

I ordered a grilled chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. YUMMY.


Yeah. Really yummy.

After dinner, we spent a few hours at Barnes&Nobel. I wanted to buy the whole store (sshsh!), but I managed to buy just a gift for a friend. Mom spent a lot there (yoga books for pregnant women, gifts for everyone she knows, and a cute puzzle).

Day 3 started by 9:30am – not so early in the morning. I was really excited to meet Elina (from Healthy and Sane) for lunch :)

Me and Mom had to take a shower and get ready before leaving, which means we went out by 11am. Oopsie ;)

I couldn´t have a real breakfast or I wouldn´t be hungry for lunch, so we stopped at Starbucks (on our way to Newbury St.) to have a cup of coffee.


My breakfast: 1 Peanut Butter granola bar and a Café Misto with skim milk


This. Was. Heaven.

I actually LOVED the Peanut Butter bar! It was amazing! I don´t know why don´t they have this stuff in Brazil! It´s amazingly good! :)

We spent some time to find b.good. It was already 20 past noon when we did. Which was actually a good thing, so we could warm up a little bit while we waited for Elina :)

She was the nicest. Really. We had such a great time, she´s really an inspiration to me. She´s healthy-minded, you know? Life´s not just about fats and calories, but healthy living. I think I got the whole thing now ;)


She´s the best ;)

Mom was out during our lunch. She said she wanted to visit a church, and that she wanted me to have a real conversation with Elina, just beeing myself. Which was kinda nice of her. I could actually say what I think, without worrying about upsetting Mom.

b.good is a kind of “healthy fast-food” restaurant. I loved the concept behind it, and the food was truly amazing. I ordered Cousin Oliver´s veggie burger with a side of vegetables and water. Pure yuminess, hahaha.


My burguer…


I think it looks better thing way, hehe.


Side of (steamed, I think) veggies.

It was really amazing. She even gave us a few tips. It´s a pity that, right after lunch, Mom started feeling kinda sick. Baby Mig needed a rest. So we got back to the hotel, and I checked my e-mail while Mom rested. We stayed at the hotel for about 1 1/2 hours, so we gave up our plans to visit Fenway Park. It was already dark and cold outside :/

But we still wanted to do something in our last night in Boston, so we asked the hotel guy to give us suggestions. He offered us half-price tickets to a play at Huntington Theatre called “All My Sons”. We couldn´t say no ;)

So we went outside to shop the last few gifts we wanted to buy at Boston (like Harvard´s shirts, and stuff like that) at Prudential Center. It is a really HUGE place!


I had my 2nd Peanut Butter granola bar by 6:45pm. It was still really nice ;)


And, before getting back to the hotel, we stopped for some coffee. Well, Mom had tea and I had a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte. They don´t have this in Brazil, either. Too bad ;)

We had to run back to the hotel, ´cause we were already late. The play started at 8pm. In the end, it all went well. We got there just before the doors were opened :)


Happily waiting for the door to open ;)


Inside the theater

It was such a deep, interesting play. I loved it. It was about a situation right after World War II, that involved a missing son, two different fathers, and two different sides of the story. Mom loved it, too ;)

Through the 2nd act, I snacked on 1/3 of my old Oat´n Honey granola bar.


You can´t just waste this kind of stuff ;)

After the end of the play, Mom decided we should have dinner at the nearest restaurant. Which was a “pizzeria-steakhouse” kind of restaurant. It was cool ;)


Me and Mom, when our plates arrived

I ordered a chicken-and-vegetables pasta with marinara sauce. Which was hugely amazing.


Like I said, huge. But I tried to eat my fair share ;)

I had 1 1/2 glasses of Iced Tea with my meal. I was thristy, hehe.


Pretty big glass.

But we had a great time. We´re definetely missing Boston. I wasn´t even able to meet Tina, something I really wanted to do in a near future ;)

Well, who knows? I might be coming back soon… Hahaha. A girl can dream, right?

Oh, and speaking about dreaming, that´s what I should do right now. Train to NY departs at 10:30am! Pretty early!

So, yeah. See you guys in NY!



quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Welcome to the U.S. – Day 1

Hey, everyone!

It´s been a while… But it happend!


I can´t really get over it. It´s too perfect. This is the best trip ever. I´ve never felt so GOOD in my whole life!

The hotel is AMAZING, and it has great localization. The city is BEAUTIFUL, the stores are the CUTIEST, the Public Library is OUTSTANDING, the streets are calm… Yeah, all capitols were absolutely necessary ;)

But let´s get back to yesterday – the beggining of the trip!

I woke up kinda early, by 9am. I didn´t want to waste any food, so I ate the rest of the yogurt container with a mini-apple.


1/2 a container of non-fat plain yogurt, 1 mini-apple

Then, I had the smartest idea – throw apple chunks over the yogurt. Like I said – a pretty good idea ;)


I had leftovers from the apple. Which I ate plain of course ;)



Then, I went to the hair saloon to get my nails done, finished to pack… And, by 1pm, I went out to lunch with Bianca. She went back to Rio after a 1-month-trip abroad (U.S. and Canada), and I missed her like crazy. It was so much fun – we went to a japanese/chinese buffet.

I ate. A LOT. But I needed it – my next meal was about 8 hours later. Airport craziness – hahaha.


Plate #1 – 3 sashimi rolls, raw veggies, 1 tbsp of japanese ginger


Sample: Slightly cooked tuna sushi with teriyaki sauce


Chop-suey: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tofu slices and grilled chicken slices


Salmon+Tuna+White Fish Sashimi slices and 2 roll-samples: tuna+ginger and salmon+kani (Bianca ate all those Hot Philadelfias. She ate about 15 of those)


The grand finale… A mini salmon-sashimi temaki. Riceless and awesome ;)

I told you it was a lot of food! Hehe.

Anyway, my next meal was at the airport, before our depart. We were kinda late, but not late enough to pass gross airport food (My parents said I had two choices: eat or come back home. I ate it, obviously).


Light Turkey Breast Sandwich


With the Lemon Iced Tea I bought.

It was really, really gross. I took off the cheese (that smelled bad) and couldn´t finish the bread part. I ate all of those turkey breast slices, though.

Of course Dad was not happy. So I ate this, as well:


3/4 of a Honey+Oats granola bar. What a sacrifice – hahaha.


Happy family ;)


Women Rule


Saying “Good-bye” to Lelê…



Then, we got on the plane. We departed from Rio to São Paulo by 9pm, and from São Paulo to Washington by midnight.  Dinner came by 1am. Mom had beef, I had chicken.


Salad with Italian Sauce, chicken with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans, french bread+butter and chocolate cake.


Plane Dinner.

Obviously, I wasn´t able to eat it all – I managed to eat the chicken, the green beans and salad, though. Only the chicken was a little nasty. Oh, well. Pretty good plane food, anyway – I expected the worst.

After dinner, Mom said I should either eat the chocolate cake or my 2nd granola bar. Can you guess what I picked?

I won´t even add a photo. Duuh. Hahaha.

By 5:40am, they served breakfast. I was FREEZING, but…


Cold cinnamon bread, cold strawberry yogurt+strawberry chunks.

I hate strawberry chunks, but I have to admit this was pretty good. I didn´t eat the bread – I mean, it was cold! What´s the point of eating cold bread?!

15 minutes later, salvation came:


Starbuck´s Coffee with Skim Milk and 1 package of sugar.

I didn´t even mind the taste – it felt warm! I drank it slowly, while I warmed up my fingers.

We arrived at Washington by 6:45am (local time). It was a pretty nice plane trip – I was even able to sleep every 15 minutes or so. Security and immigration were the worst part – it took us HOURS of our precious breakfast time. We departed breakfastless from Washington to Boston at 8:30am. We even chatted with the bostonian guy we met the night before – he was SO cool! He even gave us tips on where to find good lobster. Mom was amazed ;)

We arrived at Boston at almost 10am.


We´re HERE!

It took a while to get our luggage and stuff, by the first thing we did after we were free was have a real breakfast. Our first one, while OFFICIALLY on the U.S.!

We had to go somewere near, and our options were really a few: pizza, mexican food or Dunkin´Donuts. Anyone willing to guess where did we go?


Mom ordered a Reduced-Fat Blueberry Muffin and a small Capuccino.


“Say CHEESE to your FAVOURITE daughter"!

I ordered something I´ve always wanted to try, because of all american food blogs: an english muffin sandwich. More specifically, an egg-and-cheese english muffin.


Sleepy girl tries new stuff… YAY!


LOVED IT. Couldn´t manage to eat it all though. But I drank my whole latte with skim milk :)

I started having stomach-ache, then. Which was not cool. But I just said “WHATEVER” and kept on having fun. I mean… this is a lifetime opportunity! Why would I let my stupid stomach spoil it all?!

We grabbed a cab to get to our hotel. Which, by the way, IS THE BEST HOTEL I´VE EVER STAYED IN. Seriously. Look at us, too dizzy to express our feeling with words:




“This is SO cool!”


We even found a Starbucks through the window. Could it get any better?!

We wanted to enjoy the daylight as much as we could, so we took a quick shower and went out to explore Boston. First stop? Boston Public Library.




“This place´s HUGE!”




I was like a kid at Disney World.


“Hey, wait! I know this one!”


Miguel, reading through Mom´s coats and belly…

OH, GOD. I almost forgot to tell ya - Mom´s pregnant!

It´s her 4th child! Brave, huh?

We all bet it´s a boy. And Lelê already gave him a name: Miguel. So that´s our baby Mig absorving some english culture. Hehe.


Literacy+Exercise=Literacise. Mom´s slogan (F.Y.I.: She´s a yoga teacher).

Next stop? Boston´s Old Church. Mom´s request.


“Don´t you want to thank God?!”

By the way, I did. Thank God ;)

It´s because of him that I´m here. So I should really thank him… A LOT.

Up next? Prudential Center.

We don´t have many photos inside Prudential Center… maybe because we spent plenty of time inside all kinds of stores ;)

We did stop for lunch, though. I have no clue of which time was it – body clock´s all twisted!


Me and Mom splitted a tuna sandwich with mayo, lettuce, tomato and mustard on a Whole Wheat Bread. We – well, at least me - weren´t too hungry.


Cute! They even gave us a cookie - which wasn´t consumed, but… Still. It was sweet :)

We bought TONS of stuff. It was really cool to spend money with myself. Something I rarely do.

Suddenly, we saw it was already dark outside. And much colder, too. Me and Mom just did a few more shopping on a drugstore (for necessity!) and went back to the hotel. Mom was tired, Mig was tired, I was felt amazing (stomach-ache dissapeared! YAY). But you gotta respect a pragnent woman´s wish!

So we came back, warmed up, and ended up asking for hotel service. I think did a great job:


Focaccia Brushetta with roasted pepper, goat cheese, pesto sauce and artichokes.

AH-MAZING. Oh, Gosh. I love this hotel even more, right now ;)


Mom playing with her fancy plate


Chunks of bread that we did not waste 


Lemonade-Flavoured Water. LOVED IT.

We ate while watching Obama´s speech at Fox News. I felt so… american!


Loved this. The whole thing. I´m loving it right now.

It´s a pity that all this love makes me sleepy – I gotta get ready for another AH-MAZING day.

We´re visting Harvard Square tomorrow!

See you guys as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and commenting. And for beeing so nice ;D