quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009

Thriller Night

I just came back from my sister´s performance. She danced quite well :)

My only problems were:

1- They had a few technical problems. And, at both moments, I really needed to go to the bathroom :/

2- The texts between the performances SUCKED. They murdered the portuguese language, I´m not kidding.

3- I was really starving by the end of the first act. So I could hear my stomach growling. Me and the people around me :S

Anyway, let´s recapitulate. I went out ~6:10pm. I arrived at the theater by 6:50pm. The whole presentation, that was settled to start at 7pm, started at almost 8pm. So the first thing I did after I got there was, of course, buying some Diet Matte Tea :)


Me+Matte Tea=


The presentation ended at ~9:30pm. My stomach was growling loudly.

I had dinner with Moms, Bruna and Letícia (sisters). It was served by 10:30pm. Anything would sound yummy at this time, but I had:


- 1 slice of tomato

- some lettuce

- ~4 tbsp of black beans

- 1 mini-piece of ricotta+spinach+corn+carrots pie (vegetable pie would be a better title, but whatever. I wanted to be real specific)

- some grated beets

AAAND a glass of Matte Tea. Dãh.

Sleepy. Gotta go.



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