domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2009


Yesterday was so much fun :)

I got to Renata&Barbara´s house by 7pm. It was still sunny!

Until midnight, me and Renata were singing and playing the guitar together. We had a great time, she´s an awesome singer. We even recorded a video!

Anyway, we only remembered to eat by 11:45pm. So, we went to the kitchen to find something to eat. I found this:


Beautiful, isn´t it?

This is, simply:

- 1 piece of grated chicken breast

- ~1/2 of a tomato, lettuce and cucumber

As “dessert”, I had:


An apple. Wow.

So, we went to sleep at their mother´s house ( we were at their Dad´s).

Today, we woke up by 1pm. A bit late, huh?

I had no time for breakfast, because my father was already downstairs, waiting for me.

So I left their house. Before heading home, we had to stop with my grandmother at the supermarket and at the gas station. Which wasn´t so bad, ´cause my body wasn´t awake yet. I wasn´t really hungry.

I only ate by 2:20pm, when we got home. I wasn´t planning on having a real breakfast, ´cause lunch is only a few hours away. So I had:



- 1 slice of whole grain bread

- 1 tbsp of cottage cheese

So far, so great. My tummy´s satisfied.




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