sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009

Quick Lunch

Hello, people!

I had a quick lunch today. I wasn´t deeply hungry, but my Dad called me by 3:45pm (GABRIELA! You can´t ignore something like that).

So I managed snapping a photo before starting to eat:


(in the microwave)


(at the table – already hot)

I had:

- ~4tbsp of mashed pumpkin

- ~1 1/2 tbsp of “kinda mashed” eggplant

- ~3 (unfinished) tbsp of rice

- 1 scoop of black beans

- ~2 1/2 slices of roasted chicken breast

Missed the green part :/

But it was yummy. Grandmother´s food :D

Tonight´s gonna be F-U-N!

Sleepover at Renata & Barbara´s house, YAY!

I´ll do a recap tomorrow.



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