terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

Quick, Filling, Not-So-Yummy

Hum… remember that pie I ate for supper yesterday?

The heart-of-palms+peas+tomato sauce one? By Nete?

So, we had nothing but this today. Which means I had a quick, filling and not-so-yummy lunch. Oh, well. This is the life.


Obviously, I took a mini-sized piece so I could fill it up with coloured nutritients :)

- 1 mini-slice of heart-of-palms+peas+tomato pie

- 3 slices of tomato

- lettuce

- raw spinach

- sprinkles of grated beets and carrots

Colorful, huh?

I´m already late to meet my mom. We´re buying some New-Year stuff before hanging out with grandma :)



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