quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009

On the Run

Just a quick update!

Just got back from Lelé´s Christmas presentation. She sang a cute song with all her friends, and it was so cute. I´ll post pictures later :)

Right now, I´m kinda late to the 2nd day of Bruna´s dance performance. It´s the last day! Everyone in the family will be there. We´ll be like 20 people. A giant crowd to scream her name (and embarass her. haha).

So, let´s rewind to ~2pm:


I had lunch :)


It consisted on:

- 3 tbsp of black beans

- 1 tiny piece of grilled chicken

- lettuce

- a sprinkle of grated beets

- 1 piece of “vegetable pie” from yesterday

- 1 piece of ricotta+spinach pie

Aaand… just that. I passed the Diet Matte Tea, ´cause I know I´ll have plenty of it later :)

As a quick snack I had just now:


- 3 slices of pineapple

I´ll have dinner at Pizza Hut to celebrate Bruna´s b-day, so…

Wish me luck.




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