terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Lunch Was Made

I was mistaken. Lunch was made. And we had to eat it anyway, “because my mom said so”. Blew.

Oh, well. Right after my english class (~5:30pm), I was obligated to have:


- 4 slices of cucumber

- 2 tbsp of brown rice

- 4 tbsp of black beans

- 1 slice (divided in two!) of spinach+carrots+corn pie

- 1 tbsp of “chopped” beef+grated carrots

And that was it!



Half-a-glass of Diet Matte Tea With Lemons.

Couldn´t help it ;)

Now it´s 9pm… And I´ll probably just have a small snack.

I´m so not hungry!



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