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Full Christmas Recap

Hey, y´all!

Merry Christmas!

So, I think I´ve been MIA for long enough, right? Sorry :S

The thing is: internet is so random at my Dad´s house. But anyway. Let´s recapitulate! Where did I stop..?

Oh, YES. I remember now. I was about to go to my “step-sisters”´s house. Right. Well, my mom said I wouldn´t go without eating. So I had:


1 slice of whole wheat bread with 1 tbsp of cottage cheese. Pleasant, but I wasn´t hungry :/

This was at about 7pm. I stayed at their house till probably 9:30pm. Then, we went to my Grandmother´s house (mom´s mother). Ironically, she wasn´t there :P

She got there by 10:20pm. A bit late for her own party, I know. That´s the way she is ;)

But moving on. While I was there, I poured myself a glass of Diet Matte Tea. It was left unfinished..


Then, finally, we were headed to my other grandmother´s house (dad´s mother). It was kinda cool. My grandfather made some prayers, we all prayed together… We were able to remember about the real meaning of Christmas… Jesus´s Birth! Right? Christ.. Christmas.. Got it??

I know. I´m not so funny. Oh, well…

But now, to food. Between midnight and 1am, I had:


1 (pretty big) slice of broccoli+ricotta pie, 1 (a bit oversized as well) slice of chester, 1 (mini-sized) slice of lamb. YUM!



I have no self-control against Diet Matte Tea. Sorry.

Anyway. We went to bed by 4am. It was good, but… I felt like something was missing. I am really starting to think I´ve grown up.

I mean, I know I´ve grown up. Duuh. Haha.

But, you know. I´m not a kid anymore. I don´t believe in Santa Claus anymore. I don´t make countdowns to Christmas anymore. It´s like life´s passing and I´m not living through it. As if I was so focused on enjoying the present until the future comes, I´m not truly living it. Making every second worth it.

Oh, God. Ýou probably think I´m stupid. Yeah.. maybe I am. Or maybe not. Who knows?

Ok, then. Back to morning now. Christmas morning!

Me and my sister woke up by noon. Yeah, we were pretty tired ;)

While everybody ate Christmas Food, I went straight to the basic. Just what I needed :)


1 sliced banana+1 tbsp of rolled oats. Not so filling, but tasted familiar. Yum :)

We spent the whole day doing… nothing. Just chilling, I guess. My grandfather´s sick, so we try to spend some time with him at home when we can. He likes company :)

We planned on waiting the other part of the family for lunch, but then they called to say they wouldn´t come until night-time. So we heated up the “lelfovers” (that were pretty consistent) and made our meal :)

It was yummy! By 5pm, I had:


1 (mini, this time) slice of broccoli+ricotta pie, ~2 tbsp of tuna pie, 1 slice of chester, PLUS:


1 slice of Cod Pie and 1 slice of lamb.



Glass #1 of Matte Tea..


Glass #2 of Matte Tea…

I have no self-control.. well, you know the rest ;)

Now, moving on to dessert.. my grandmother convinced me to try her fruit salad. I had a small serving…



Incredible as it seems, I was kinda tasty. The only 2 problems:

1- The grapes had lumps. Ew.

2- It had a strong mango taste. I´m not the biggest mango fan, so..

Anyway. I´ve had a wonderful home-made meal! So filling and yummy!


It´s almost 11pm now, and I´ll probably have something to eat. I´ll update you!

Oh, and before I forget: I´m traveling to Angra dos Reis tomorrow morning. Which means no posting tomorrow :/

But that´s no big deal. I´ll do a real big recap on Sunday. The trip will be fun, I´m sure :)

So.. See y´all!




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