segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2009

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Haha. This title is much better then the last one, don´t you think? ;)

I just got back from the theater! I saw "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" with some friends. It was cute! The only bad thing was that Nicolas told me the end of the movie before the beginning of our session. I wanted to kill him! :/

But it was cool, anyway. For a sad movie. I guess it was the company I enjoyed the most :)

After the end of our session, we were freezing. The guys were wet from the rain, and let´s just say the air-conditioner wasn´t very helpful. Hehe.

So we went to the fist floor of the mall, straight to Starbucks. I ordered a tall Latte with non-fat milk. It was hot and yummy! :D


Mine´s the “closed” one. The other one is Luiza´s – she ordered a Hot Chocolate :)

I haven´t had this forever! It was much better then I remembered ;)

Anyway. This was by 8pm or so. It was awesome to chat with a hot drink. Haha.

I got home by 9pm. Everybody had already had dinner. So I heated up some stuff left from what they´ve eaten:


- 1 (fuzzy) slice of heart-of-palms+peas+tomato sauce pie

- lettuce

- 2 slices of tomato

It wasn´t really one of Nete´s best dishes. Nete is our “babysitter” – she basically babysitts my baby sister and makes our food ;)

It wasn´t horrible, but it wasn´t yummy either. Oh, God… But I had to eat it. At least to make her happy.

Well, let´s take the bright side: I´m satisfied for today!


Ok, then. See ya tomorrow!



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