quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009

Birthday Girl

Good Morning, everyone!

Today´s December 17th. Which means it´s been 13 years since my sister Bruna was born. So… happy birthday, sis! I don´t really say this often, but we love you!

This is her, rocking on her dance performance last night:


(the one in the front)


(the second from the right to the left)

Ok, I won´t lie. We fight. A lot.

But we´re sisters, aren´t we? We have the right to fight sometimes.

Moving on to breakfast, now. I woke up at ~11am. My whole body was sore, and I don´t know why. Sad :/

By the time I woke up, the dinner table had already been filled with breakfast foodies. My sister´s favourites, to be more specific. Fruit-loops, Strawberry Yogurt, French bread, Itambé Curd, Lemon Pie (?)…

I know. They sang “Happy Birthday to You” with a Lemon Pie. As breakfast.

The funny thing is: my mom bought one of those candles that play the “Happy Birthday” song. But the candle was lit for about 15 minutes, and nothing happend. She said she´ll come back to the store to ask for a reimbursement. Lol.

Back to breakfast. I ate:



-1 sliced banana

-1 full-tbsp of rolled oats

It was good, but the banana was a little green on her crust… which equals a not-so-sweet taste. Oh, well. I heart bananas, anyway :)

It´s almost 2pm now. Now feeling so well… I guess I´ll be resting until it´s time for Lelê´s Christmas Presentation. I have such artistic sisters! :D



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